Pest Control Tips

Treat Your Bed Bug Problem with Orkin Heat

Or can heat is an environmentally responsible treatment option for a variety of pests such as bed bugs stored product pests, cockroaches and termites? This technology raises ambient temperatures to effectively target infestations at all stages.

A typical treatment session, including setup, only takes one day it’s; an ideal choice for facilities that require quick treatment of an issue or concurrently uses. Two types of heating systems for Orkin heat treatments, propane and electric propane heating systems, use propane, fueled heaters and portable duct systems to produce a large quantity of heat.

In a short period of time. Propane equipment is used in facilities that are no more than three stories tall to prepare for treatment. Your pet specialist will instruct you to remove any items that can be damaged by heat such as artwork or plants, being careful not to remove any infested items from the room.

If an infested item is heat, susceptible your pest specialist will discuss additional treatment options with you. He or she will place fans and treated areas to help circulate heat in hard-to-reach spots, where pests may hide Orkin pest specialists place monitors throughout the area to check temperature at regular intervals.

Propane heaters raise the ambient temperature to at least 125 degrees Fahrenheit and then hold that temperature for a minimum of one hour to complete the treatment electric heating systems, allow for greater flexibility and work well for structures that are more than three stories tall.

Most electric heaters require outlets above 110 volts in areas where the required power is not available. A power generator may be needed. Preparation for electric heat treatment is similar to propane heat treatment.

You should remove any items that could be damaged by heat ahead of the treatment. Your pest specialist will set monitors to determine when electric heaters should be turned off once the areas ambient temperature reaches the lethal threshold.

Electric heat treatments also require the ambient temperature to stay at 125 degrees Fahrenheit for at least one hour. Once your treatment is complete, you can return to the area immediately, making organ heat an efficient and convenient option contact your local organ branch determine what heat treatment options are available in your area.