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Top 3 reasons to NEVER hire an EXTERMINATOR!

Hey everybody: this is Jason acres with green acres, pest control ha local to Virginia Charlottesville Lynchburg Virginia. I just thought I’d, get on here and make a video real, quick um. Today I’d, like to talk about why you should not hire an exterminator, and I know that sounds funny.

Coming from an exterminator, I’ve been exterminating for almost 30 years. Now. This is my 29th year I’ve grown up in this profession. I’ve done it all my life and it’s kind of funny to hear it come out my own mouth, why? You should not hire an exterminator, but um.

I & # 39. Ve got a couple of reasons here that I’ve thought of, and I just thought it would be. Nice to you know, give somebody a little bit of different outlook on things and maybe help some people out today is so off.

Personally, um there’s, three main reasons and and if you can think of any other reasons in the comments below don’t hesitate to uh. You know to post them down there, but oh the three top reasons why you should not hire an exterminator are all one and I’ve written this down because, like I said, I’m, not don’t script.

Anything I’m. All off-the-cuff completely candid. I don’t, write anything down uh, but anyway, I might as well just go on with it um. If you’re looking for a deal or coupons or cheap service, you probably shouldn’t hire an exterminator and I know that sounds.

Are you know everybody wants to save money? Everybody wants a deal. Everybody wants a you know, something for nothing or very little. Um you’ve got to realize that exterminating isn’t. Cheap chemicals are not cheap insurance.

Isn’t cheap. You know. If you want somebody that’s licensed and insured, you want somebody that’s professional! You’re, going to pay for that. It’s, not cheap. It’s. Not you know it’s, your health, that you’re concerned with you know: people are willing to pay doctors, a thousand hundreds of thousands of dollars to help them with a sickness, German cockroaches, spiders mice, rats.

Ah, you know lots of bugs can cause serious health problems, and so you really need to think of it, not so much as like a like a handyman like a plumber or an electrician, we’re, really more of a health professional.

We’re, trying to help you and that’s. The way you need to think about it, and so yes, extermination can be very affordable. You know there’s, lots of different plans. I know a lot of exterminators. I know myself included, I offer all kinds of payment plans, payment options, ways to make.

You know the service affordable for my customers because, ultimately, ah you know – and I’m – pretty sure I speak for all exterminators out there and if there’s any out there that want to you know are you know, combat that.

Please leave a comment below, but I know I speak for all exterminators. Is we’re just really out to help you? We’re, trying to eliminate your bug problem and, yes, we’re trying to make money, but you know that’s, what you get when you’re in business.

You got to make money. Also, the third, the second second reason, and not getting ahead of myself, jumping right on the three. The second reason that you really don’t want to hire. An exterminator is probably, if you’re a do-it-yourselfer.

If you want to follow the exterminator around and say, hey, you missed a spot here, you missed a spot there. I’ll. Tell you one thing that I get all the time all right. You go into an apartment and the apartments got cockroaches and you’re spraying around cockroaches and now now, if cockroaches are heavily infested, they’re, pretty bad, and I know there’s.

Other exterminators that watch these videos that you’re, going to completely agree with me, but you walk in and you open the cabinet, the Crocker just crawl at the wall, and then they pull your earpiece out now they crawl up the wall.

When you start to treat – and they run all over the place and they’re falling down on you and you open the cabinet, they’re all over the pots and pans, and the people will tell you. Oh just spray on those pots and pans it’s.

I do not going to hurt anything and I’m thinking. I am NOT going to spray your pots and your pans and your plates and your dishes and your spoons and your spatulas and all the things that you use to cook with, so you can poison yourself that’s.

The last thing I want to do – I am NOT here to hurt you. I am here to hurt bugs so, basically it’s, a backseat exterminator. If you’re, a backseat exterminator don’t hire an exterminator because you really don’t need to.

If you know how to do it, and I mean I know this is I mean I’m? Probably being a little candid little harsh, but the truth is, if you know my job better than me, then you need to be an exterminator, because that’s, your you know you need to quit your day, job start being an exterminator and killed some Bugs, oh also, may I say that mainly because I mean I don’t mind people following me around people follow me around all the time to make sure that I don’t miss a room or something there have been times where Customers have said: hey, did you get in that closet and I realized that I had missed it like it was behind the door or something like oh yeah yeah.

Thank you. I appreciate that because I want to be thorough. I like to get everything done. I like to do a very thorough inspection, very thorough job, and so it doesn’t. You know bother me at all when people follow me around, but what kind of irks me a little bit is when people try to tell you to spray here and spray there, when really, you’re just trying to go by the label, and you’re, trying to follow the law, and you’re, trying to do what you’re supposed to do, and you don’t want to poison anybody, and you don’t want to.

You know, go against the law or go against the you know, because you can lose your job. You could lose your license. If you know, if something came back and you you accidentally poison, someone’s pet or someone’s, fish or you know something like that.

So and another reason that you did number three reason – and this should probably honestly this should be number one. The number one reason that you should not hire an exterminator is, if you have trust issues now.

I say this because you got to realize something: exterminators are going to come in every room of your house. They’re, going to see everything you’ve got they’re, going to know. If you smoke weed, they’re going to know.

If you pop pills, they’re, going to know everything about your personal life. They’re, going to know what kind of underwear you wear they’re, going to know everything about you. You have got to trust your exterminator.

I tell people you need to trust your exterminator, like you, trust your maid. You know your maid walks through the house. She cleans up your blanket. She sees you dirty stained underwear. You know she sees that stuff.

Exterminator sees that stuff too. Now I don’t want the people’s. Underwear honestly I don’t. I do pull out underwear drawers and treat inside dressers, sometimes, and but you know, nightstand drawers and, and we’re, going to know all your habits.

We’re, going to know everything about you. If you can’t trust somebody, you probably do not need to hire an exterminator um. Its Trust is really important, and I know that there are some people in my profession that are not trustworthy.

I’ll say that right now they & # 39. Ll lie. They’ll. Cheat they’ll, try anything they can do to get a sale. I know a guy personally, who actually said he carried swarming termites in his pocket. He would dump them out in a windowsill and act like oh look, you’ve got termites, you need to buy a termite treatment and that’s.

Just really underhanded it’s, crooked, it’s wrong and I don’t condone that kind of behavior. But there are thieves and there are liars and there are cheaters in every profession. Every single profession has them, and you’re.

Really. I’m, a firm believer in giving someone the benefit of the doubt and trusting them. At least you know trust them at first and as soon as they break the trust that’s when you fire them that’s. When you sue the company, you know you’ve got that ability in your pocket.

You know if someone comes and you find out that you’re missing a ring or you’re missing a bracelet or you’re missing. You know, because that’s, the kind of stuff that exterminators you know I personally, if I would think about it, you that’s, the things someone would steal.

They’re walking through your house. They’re, going in your bedroom. They just open up your jewelry box, take out a necklace, you know and put it in their pocket, walk right out with it. You’d, never know it was gone, and so you know that’s, the kind of things if you notice it missing there.

You know check up on things. You know look behind the exterminator, but if you can’t trust your exterminator. Who can you trust, yeah yourself, I guess so, but anyway I know that’s, a short little video, not a real long one.

I could probably come up if I rack my brain a little longer. I could probably come up with some more reasons why you shouldn’t hire an exterminator price just for a tldr um. If you’re really worried about what you’re going to pay.

Oh, you know don’t don’t hire an exterminator. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you like to follow the exterminator around and try to tell the exterminator their job. You don’t need to hire an exterminator and if you’re all worried about trust and you don’t, think you can trust the exterminator.

Then you need to find someone. You can trust, and that’s, all that’s about it. For today, I really appreciate all the likes and the subscribes in the comments and everything that y & # 39. All leave me down below, or you know like this video.

If you want to see more like it or dislike it, if you hate me, I don’t care. Okay, um, you know comment. Give me any suggestions. You got any bugs. You want information on. I’m here. For you, my webpage is Green Acres, PC comm, my I’m on Facebook.

Look me up Green Acres, pest control LLC. I’m local to Lynchburg Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia all along the twenty nine corridor back and forth between the two cities. I think that’s about it.

So y’all have a good day and I’ll talk to you later.