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Termidor SC vs Taurus SC

Hi Walt this is Ken. Today we’re, going to talk to you about two products, ones, Termidor ones: tourists can guess what they’re. The same thing now that’s, got a product called Pippin all in there. Now how many years ago, the term adorn come out it’s.

About 15 years ago, toreador came out and it kind of changed the pest control industry it. It was a product that termites couldn’t detect and they were go through. It carried back into the nest, destroy entire termite colonies and it really did change the pest control I packed it.

I’ve, had a lot of pest control companies that tell me that they wish it never came out and it’s. That good of a product on a lot of repeat tree and we and it’s, used a lot for termites, but we price out as much for ant control.

Anything yeah, I think you know early on they kind of figured out that not only did work great for termites that were really good on hands too, and now they the same technology. Basically, they can’t detect it.

They walk through it, carry it back to the nest without even realizing it and it’s been a terrific product and when Taurus came out, that sort of was a game-changer as well yeah for us too, because we could we could sell for a Lot less than Termidor and then also we were able to sell the 78 ounce bottles and it’s pretty cheap.

All in all – and you know the age-old question and a lot of pest control – people have the question: is they really don’t? Think people ought to do their own termite work and well, I kind of agree with them.

I don’t think the average person really needs to be doing their own termite work. I mean there’s different, I mean you know. I can do an absolutely but termite work is you know a lot of times you’re gonna need specialized tools.

There’s, a lot of know-how that goes into it, and a lot of people don’t realize that, but the knowledge of construction types and things like that. You know different types of slabs: they’re on your home and it’s, just a lot that goes into it, yeah, not not to mention that with the ant control or something around the perimeter, you might be putting maybe a gallon That half, how many gallons are normal termite? Oh god, probably you know anywhere between 75 and 150 gallons for an average house with a lot of chemical yeah.

We don’t, get us wrong. A lot of people do their own termite work and there might be a situation where gosh the house is not up to code. No termite company wants to touch it. Maybe they’re out in a very rural area.

They can’t getting by here. Maybe they just you know you want to say some money. We will be glad to help and we also have some tools. This is dr., Robinson is called well it’s, a field guide for pest control and it’

S got a great section on Turner, mites and it’s got different constructions on there and construction types slabs, a monolithic floating. Then it’s, got the crawl spaces and you’ll. Pretty much tell you how to do a termite job there and if they have any questions after you read something like that, we’re, always available.

We can help you if you really want to do it yourself, but we just want to impress upon everybody that it’s, not an easy job. This isn’t just you know, spraying around the house. He’s. A lot more involved – and we do it yourself – pest control.

What lumber big things is we want what’s best for our customer and that’s, not always making a sale that’s right? Sometimes it’s best to tell people to get it done professionally. Listen anyhow, the questions feel free to give us call thanks.