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Termidor HE High Efficency Termite Treatment Solutions Pest & Lawn

Hi I’m Keith McCoy with solution. Self-Cam introduce you to Termidor h e. This product is produced by BASF, contains fipronil H e stands for high-efficiency termiticide. They’ve used some of the newer technology that allows the fipronil, which is the active ingredient to be dispersed more evenly into the soil.

Therefore, allowing you, the customer to actually use less finished product per linear footage its counterpart over here, the taurus SC. Also contains fipronil at a nine point, one percent active ingredient.

It’s produced by control solutions out of Pasadena Texas. This 78 ounce bottle actually yields a hundred gallons of material at a point: zero six percent finished product, whereas the Termidor h e. Seventy nine ounce bottle will yield 50 gallons material at a point, one two: five finished product.

When we apply the Termidor h ii, we want to dig a trench up against the slab, approximately four inches wide two inches deep. We’re, going to apply it at a rate of two finished gallons per ten linear feet, whereas on the Taurus we’re, going to dig a trench six by six inches deep up against the slab and we’re.

Going to apply it at a rate of four finished gallons per ten linear feet, a couple of things that you might use to do the job one you want to have some sort of a pick or maybe a shovel to dig your trench and two.

I have found it to be easier as a homeowner to use a bucket, and you want to mix up the proper amount of product that you’re going to use. So if we’re using the Termidor eighty, we’re, going to mix two finished gallons with the Taurus.

We’re, going to make four finished gallons, so get you a five-gallon bucket makes your product up, dig your trench and you pour it in the trench. Then backfill. Your give me just a second. We’re going to go along here.

We’re, going to dig our trench and then I’ll. Show you an application. Okay, we & # 39. Ve, got our Termidor a chi mixed up. We’ve mixed up two finished gallons at a one. Two five percent active ingredient, so we’re going to take our bucket.

We’ve got our trench, dug here, four inches wide two inches deep and we’re, going to deliver the two finished gallons per ten linear feet. Again, the easiest way to do this is with a bucket, and you want to pour it into your trench, and I like to pour the product kind of up onto the slab and just kind of let it run down into the trench area.

You certainly don’t want the product to run outside of your trench, and we’re going to take that two finished gallons and we’re going to complete ten linear feet. I might make a suggestion that every 10 feet of trench you might build a mud dam so that you know that you can hold that to finish gallons within that ten feet.

Just make sure that when you complete the structure, you go back and break those dams up and make sure you treat that soil as well. Once you’ve got your material laid in there. Then you can go back and you can apply your backfill.

Just make sure that that backfill gets treated as well. Okay, we finished up the structure. Again, we use the term adore H e, the high efficiency termiticide at a half the rate of what some of the more traditional type products require two finished gallons per ten linear feet.

Remember the torus SC produced by control solutions out of Pasadena Texas. This product is very similar to the Termidor and delivers at a rate of four finished gallons per 10 linear feet and oftentimes comes to you at a much lesser cost than the Termidor.

Both products fabulous work very well have great residuals again. Your trench method with Termidor is four inches wide: two inches deep with the torus. It’s, six inches wide six inches deep for more tips.

Information contact us at 847, 965 eighty-three. My name is Keith McCoy with solution self Kim asked us. How, then do it yourself, you