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Pest Control VA – A Typical Mice Pest Control Visit In Virginia

Hi I’m Kevin Lawler. I’m with affordable pest. We’re doing a two week, follow up on a pest inspection. We were here two weeks ago, checking for entry points areas where potential in this case mice. Well, we’ve.

Had some mice get in the house, we’re gonna go check what we’ve done. Basically, four entry points put down. We put down some monitoring devices going to check and see how those are and see where we need to go from there.

We’re. We’re here in the garage we’re checking on some some areas that are entry points, for instance, one of the first places we look normally in the garage. The reason being is because of the garage.

We have a few areas that are potential problems. Entry points like this. Sometimes you have the actual garage seal. That doesn’t, go all the way down flush to the ground. We also check in areas like around.

Of course, it knows we’re onto video, all right round doors door frames. It comes up underneath the doors in basements. As a matter of fact, back here along this back wall, we had found some droppings here I’ll.

Show you these right here. These are mouse droppings. Basically, if you’ve ever had a piece of rye bread. It looks like the caraway seeds that are actually in Rye, bread and, as you can see there’s, actually a little hole right here, where little mites can get up in and unfortunately, wind up in your home.

So what’s? The typical size of an entry point it can be less than a quarter of an inch, basically the size and width of a penny. If a mouse can get its nose and whiskers through there. Usually you can get the rest of its body through, which is pretty pretty good.

Well, let’s. Look around the rest of the house to see other entry points perimeter as we walk around the house. We’re, trying to look for entry points around here areas, for instance in the mulch, where there may be hole where they could possibly get up under a front stoop get through a brick foundation.

Because, as the house is settled, these mortar joints, they fall apart. So what happens? Is they can gain access to a house? Their areas around here’s, a perfect example. We got a electric box right here and, as you can see there’s quite a few mouse droppings sitting up on top people would wonder: why? Are they up here? Well, they’re here because of the current the electrical feeling there’s heat here.

They feel comfortable, safe from predators. They’ll eat. They’ll, find that’s or whatever, and they’ Ll hang out right there. Okay, here’s, an actual area where we’re, pretty sure when we were here two weeks ago that the mice we’re getting in the house.

This is an AC condensate line in pipe lines. You can see these holes right here. These are areas that a lot of time, especially here where my so gonna be able to get in. We did not see all these holes up, but a simple fact of you.

Don’t want to seal up the points and seal the mice in the house. There’s, always the potential they’re gonna die in the house and all of a sudden you’re gonna have a horrible smell and that’s. The last thing we want you to have when we were here two weeks ago, we set up seven traps, seven, what are called rodent stations.

This is a typical station that we do. We use a protocol contract blocks. This is a restricted use. Pesticides. This isn’t, something that you can buy at Home Depot or at the hardware store. You have to be a state certified applicator in order to buy it.

So this is the product that we put in the active ingredient is a product called Roma die alone. It is an anticoagulant. Basically, they bleed to death internally, they dehydrate go in search of water.

That’s. Why nine times out of ten they’ll die outside your house and that’s? Why you don’t seal up the houses? You try to get the the mites out of the house correct and the other way to know if they, when, once we do install these one way, we’re able to know if they’re feeding on it is mice, typically eat And defecate at the same time, so the actual defecation will be the same little caraway seeds, but this color.

This is a typical. This was taken out of a home where a pest control company bought a hardware brand hardware store right. Beside less expensive are less expensive. Less overhead, this is typically mice, usually house mice, about the size of my thumb, gray.

They are nibblers, they’ll a little bit and then they move along. So this says that this was eaten by probably quite a few mice in this house. What’s, the difference in quality and what it does versus uh? You know versus this now, if they don’t eat enough of this.

They’re, not gon. Na get a lethal dose with the broma die alone. They don’t need to eat a lot of it for it to take care of them, usually in the 24 to 48 hours that we did. This, unfortunately, was taken out of a customer’s house who was being charged $ 100.

Every three months being told that the product was being changed on a regular basis. The problem is this: mold doesn’t happen unless the baits been in there six to eight months, which tell told me told the customer that she wasn’t getting the service that she wanted.

Therefore, she gave us the opportunity to get her problem. Do the mice no longer eat it once its mold it as well or just a matter of them lying about having changed, usually after three months, the baits ineffective? So it has to be changed every three months, regardless of what kind of bait to use, but yeah they won’t have anything to do with it once they smell it.

Like that all right, we were here two weeks ago, bingo there’s, our droppings right here in the corner, and you can see where there’s, that small hole in the drywall when they come through and here’s.

Our our tu station see what kind of activity we have. Oh dude check that out. They hit this pretty good, as you can see from the whole beat block earlier. I mean half of it almost over half of its gone, so we definitely have an activity and whatever ate.

This is no longer alive. That’s good, so now talk about filling it up in the door sweep alright next step is basically we have. This area here plus we have this door frame here, where this door behind me doesn’t seal all the way to the ground.

So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna install a door sweep and what this is going to do it’s, gonna go down here and, as you can see, it goes all the way To the floor, which is going to prevent any any rodents or anything from getting up underneath the door because it & # 39, ll be flush with the ground, but it won’t, keep the door from you and that’s.

Just a typical hardware store or $ 5 sweep that anybody could get. Not really I mean we get these and at pest control supply houses. We get them in areas that we concentrate mainly on doing this stuff, so that’s.

Why they carry these items? Okay, but you can pick up a similar item like this at one of your hardware stores they are available to the general public and that way little Johnny homeowner can do it himself if he wants to save himself a dollar.

Basically, this homeowner didn’t want to do anything. Excuse me, my step over here, don’t fall down. Normally, what’ll happen is in situations where people have a home that is sitting in the woods in a wooded area.

These are potential areas you definitely. This homeowner is already taken back some of the vines and some of the grass here to help prevent an infestation, but what we do is sometimes set up stations around the exterior of the house.

In this situation. The homeowner wanted to do what he could have inside seal up all the entry points that he had and that’s, going to work for him and nine times out of ten, we’ll, come back in a quarter three months from Now we’ll check, make sure everything’s, okay, and if we tell you have to go to that next step and we’ll go to the next step.

But once again my name is Kevin. Lawler with affordable pest – and you can give us you – can reach us a call to website address and set fordable pest calm. You can get on a website and apply to have a free inspection or you can give us a call.