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Pest Control : How to Kill Indoor Gnats

What can I spray in the house to kill gnats?

Hi I’m oftentimes asked how do I get rid of indoor gnats? Well, let me help you with that. I’m Michael pH Enza, with advantage pest control. Well, indoor gnats are kind of in the same family as fruit flies or vinegar flies.

They’re called they’re, attracted to decaying matter, decaying fruit, thus vinegar flies, so the way to get rid of them is to to make sure. First, you want to get rid of the hard bridges the gnats are going to come in in house plants.

So if you’re bringing any house plants, you want to check those over real real well before you bring them into the house. If you do find that they’re in there, you want to take the plant out and clean it out.

Take all that wrapping off the outside of the container, because that’s, really a nice hard bridge for them and then take the soil off the top, maybe fill it up with a sand. You basically want to get them at the larva stage and then you’ll.

Stop the lifecycle. You know with fruit flies. It’s. Basically the same thing. You know what leaf fruits out you want to put those in in the refrigerator they’ll, also go for any kind of a vinegar or a wine or beer.

If you have any of that sitting out that’ll attract them. That’s. Also a nice natural way to get rid of them is you can put a little vinegar in a bowl right and close to the where they’re at and they’ll get me attracted to it.

Then they’ll, get into it and drowned. You can actually put a little paper funnel on top of whatever you put it in, like a like a coffee filter with a bottom cut out, so they can fly in and then they can’t get back out.

So you can also use some of the the safer pesticides. Some of the dusts are really nice. You can put that actually right into the the house plant. I want to be very careful. We’re, going to put it onto a fruit that you’re, going to consume all right, make sure it’s.

It’s, an extremely safe bio pesticide and even in the bio pesticides, and make sure it’s, one of the exempt products, so you should be able to get the problem taken care of. If you get to the source, I’m Michael pH Enza good day.