Pest Control Tips

Organic Garden Guide to Controlling Pests for Your Vegetables

If there is anything that avoids your organic garden from yielding the best veggies, it will have to be the bugs that invade and surround your area. Now, if you are really major about controlling those bugs and keeping them from your garden for good, a volume of products is easily offered for you to be equipped and experienced about the various kinds of insects that can threaten your crop.

The really difficult thing about bug control is the fact that there are so many types of bugs that can invade your garden; it will truly be quite a difficulty to recall them in one sitting, so complete immersion to your gardening activities is the only surefire method to instill ample understanding on bugs to keep an eye out for.

One of the tried and tested techniques for pest control is by familiarizing yourself with the famous bugs and animals. These opponents of the garden will truly hamper the growth of your crop only if you let them.


You have 2 alternatives for beetles: by hand eliminate them by hand or spray them with insecticide that is harmful to them. If left untreated, beetles have the capacity to bore a lot holes on your leaves and gnaw at your plant life with time, particularly when their population has actually already blossomed. Beetles is available in a range of types, however the solution for it is usually the two strategies mentioned above.


You will often find sticky groups of bugs that are invading your garden in colors of red if you have aphids in your garden. You can easily fix this by spraying it with soap insecticide or any similar material. Aphids are common to practically every garden vegetable you can potentially imagine, so if you are growing vegetables, you are most likely to experience these sticky organisms.

Cabbage Worms

Neem oil is the cabbage worms’ worst enemy, so if you spray them with it, they will be out of your garden in a jiffy. The important things is, you can determine whether cabbage worm remain in the garden if you discover green caterpillar and holes on the leaves of your plants. You can likewise pick them by hand if you are more bold or perhaps spray them with insecticide if you do not have neem oil handy at the time of invasion.

Cut Worms

Some chemicals might likewise work like insecticides, however this is a general treatment. You also need to dig a lot because the cut worms have this propensity to cuddle up on your plants for shade and life.


Maggots are exceptionally horrible, and they have the tendency to make your landscape unsightly if you do not try to get rid of them. Bleaching is among the best ways to obtain rid of maggots. If your natural garden is also positioned next to a trash can, you may choose to transfer your trash can elsewhere because remaining meals like meat tend to bring in these maggots and they might choose to branch off of the trash bin and into your garden.

There are numerous other type of insects that you can control in your garden provided the right helpful tools and understanding on how to best remove them from your organic garden.