Pest Control Tips

Keeping Rodents out of the Garden

Hi, this is Silas Hoover with South Florida pest control. Here to talk to you about the Turing rodents from your garden, we’re gonna use, some quarter-inch hardware cloth. You can get at your local home store, go ahead and flatten that out now that you have it all, flattened out, cut a strip, a line right down the center of your wire using tin, snips.

Tell you about the middle of your wire and go ahead and cut another a bit and fold that back. You now have a hole where the plant stem will go through place, a hardware cloth down around the stem of the plants, and then you can even close it a bit with that flap.

You left for the hole cover with a thin layer of soil to prevent rodents from digging into your garden, then follow up with our trusty, rodent, pepper spray around the perimeter of the garden and that’s, one way to deter rodents from your garden.

This is silence Hoover with South Florida pest control thanks again,