Pest Control Tips


I’m Jonathan Schafer founder and CEO of you spray. I started my company based on the belief that anyone can do their own pest control to see. If I was right, I would first have to teach my customers how to apply our products.

That was easy party well over 30 years of pest control experience. I know how to treat tough as problems with proven methods that work next, I have to supply it with the same tools and concentrates that we use in the pest control industry most important.

I have to convince you. This work could be done safely. Well, it quickly became obvious. I was on to something big and now, over 20 years later, you spread all types of products for animal and insect control, but even with this growth, the staff at you spray continues to strive for and reach our key core values.

We take the time to both educate and prepare our customers to the job at hand between our online articles, our how-to videos and our knowledgeable sales staff. You have access to technical support 24/7 and if our online knowledge base doesn’t answer your question.

We’re, only an email or a phone call away. Lastly, many customers asked about products is safe to use around children and pets. The answer is yes, and that’s, because today’s, products won’t, apply it properly a safer than ever.

In summary, it’s, never been easier or safer to do pest control in and around the home. So if you’re, a homeowner or a business, I wants to save some money. Doing your own pest control. Look us up online at bug spray com or give us calling our toll free thanks for watching