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How To Use Viper EC Insecticide Concentrate

Hi, my name is Keith McCoy with solutions self-cam in this video. I share with you. Some facts and tips on VIPRE EC by Parisi is produced by control solutions and contains cypermethrin. It can be used both indoor and outdoor in warehouses, commercial buildings, residential homes.

This product is available in a 1 ounce bottle 4 ounce bottle and piped. You use one ounce per gallon of water. Tell you what let me show you a few tips on how to apply this product. Customers called it has a problem.

Some spiders, hey, my product of choice, would be Viper EC. We can use this product indoor and outdoor. We’re, going to mix one ounce per gallon of water. We’re, going to use it in a pump sprayer. Make sure that you put at least half the gallon of water in your sprayer then add your concentrate and then they add the other half gallon of water.

We’re, going to measure one ounce and we’re going to pour that into our sprayer. Then we’re, going to add our other half gallon of water to equal one gallon, and then we’re. Going to pump our Sprayer up and begin to spray all right, we’ve, got pressure on our tank.

We’re ready to spray. We’re, going to start around our windows and then we’re. Also going to spray around the eaves of the house as well make sure you use a pin string once we’ve completed this all the way around the house.

Now we can go back and maybe caulk some areas where we have cracks or crevices. These are entry points with spiders and go into the home. We’ve got a nice residual on there with our Viper. If you need to you, can move to the inside of the house and spray around baseboards and the windows inside as well.

Keep in mind, though Viper easy does have some odor to it. So if you need something that’s owed Earl Asst, this is not the product of choice, but it is a wonderful product for quick knockdown and for spider control.

I’m Keith McCoy with solutions self Kim asked us how than do it yourself?