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How to use Demon WP Insecticide Powder

What insects does Demon WP kill?

Hi I’m Keith McCoy, the solution self CEM. I’d like to share with you some facts and tips about demon. Wt demon WP is produced by Syngenta. It contains cypermethrin and is a Weddell powder, does not have any odor whatsoever.

Can be used both indoor and outdoor for roach control, spiders ticks, fleas, silverfish and crickets. This product is available in a packet that contains four soluble packets, also in a one-pound container.

Now here are some application tips hey here we are at a customer’s house. They’ve, had a big problem with spiders hanging around the outside of the windows and the doors and around the eve of the house.

We’re gonna use demon WP it’s, a wet of a powder, no odor whatsoever and, if necessary, we can also move to the inside and spray around the windows and doors there as well. So we’re, going to start by opening up our packet there’s.

Four soluble packets in here we’re, going to mix two packets per gallon of water. So here we are. We’re going to take it. We’re, going to start spraying around our windows, making sure that you concentrate on all those areas that may possibly there might be a crack or crevice that spiders can enter the home in and once we’ve completed all the windows, Then we’re going to go and we’re going to do the ease of the house.

We’re, going to take it and we’re going to spray right at the facial board. This certainly is an area that spiders can enter up underneath and get into the attic area and come down into the walls or into the structure of the house.

All right, we finished the house, we’ve, gone all the way around treated the windows. The doors around the eave, hopefully we’ve, taken care of all of the areas where we have cracks or crevices where spiders can enter the structure.

Remember demon WP a couple advantages of using that product, one, no odor it’s. A great residual for using outside simply because of the Weddell petal, and it actually has a great adherence to the to the surface of the of whatever you’re spraying.

Hey, I’m Keith McCoy of a solution. Self Kim asked us: how than do it yourself?