Pest Control Tips

How To Spray Home Like A Pest Control Pro!

What’s up youtubers Johnny DIY here today, I’m, going to be showing you guys how to spray your home and your property for bugs doing your pest control yourself. You guys are new to this channel. Consider subscribing! I do a lot of DIY how-to, videos and automotive videos.

Alright, guys let’s, get to it. Alright make sure you’re wearing gloves glasses and a mask and make sure you’re doing this on a not windy day. I’m gonna be using this ortho home defense max you’re gonna lift up this to open up to the gun and then how this gun works.

Is you just pull it slowly and that’s? Gon na build up pressure make sure the nozzle is set to spray right here all right, so we’re gonna spray. At the base of all the doorways. You can go ahead and spray.

The sill to of the doorway you’re, also gonna spray. All the way around your house, all around the perimeter right up against the wall, go ahead and spray about. You know two to four inches spray large cracks around your home too, because the roaches live to come out of these cracks.

If you & # 39, ve got any vents around the foundation. Your home go ahead and spray around those spiders live to build their little houses around this. We’re gonna spray around our whole yard, where the grass meets the concrete.

This is going to keep all the roaches and stuff from when they kroff the grass to the cement it’s, gonna kill them all the way around your whole entire yard make sure your pets and dogs and cats are in, for at least A couple hours after you do this: you can go ahead and spray around all your window frames make sure your windows are shut, go ahead and spray along the edge of your garage door.

So you keep them all from getting in your garage that’s. An easy place for them to get in another good spot to do is around dryer vents anywhere. They can get inside even like spigots. If there’s like little cracks around there, they love water.

If you & # 39, ve got any water utility covers, or anything like that saying you’re out or something the roaches love those so spray all the way around. This even around your garbage can make sure you get a nice thick coating around the front of your front door, all along the porch around that baseboard that plate right there keep them from coming in.

They live to come in that crack. Underneath the front door go ahead and spray around places where a lot of spiders and stuff make their nests and stuff, and then they won’t, be able to make their nests again like porch lights and such alright guys and that’S it if you do that it’ll, be just like getting it done by the pros.

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