Pest Control Tips

How to Spray For Bugs Yourself – DIY Pest Control Tips

I wanted to make a video to show you how you can save thousands of dollars by doing your own pest control around the house. This is going to be the first one and it’s for regular spiders and scorpions pests, stink, bugs pests.

That will come in from outside and what is available to you is the same type of pesticide that places like Terminix or Clarks. Pest control are using and it’s much much cheaper to do it yourself. All you need is about $ 50 worth of items, and you can literally save thousands of dollars on your pest control.

So what I’ve got here is a regular garden sprayer, that’s. How we’re, going to apply the chemical we’ve got rubber gloves so that we can protect ourselves from absorbing any of the chemical, and then we have a pesticide called tau star pro and we buy it in its concentrated form.

This is three quarters of a gallon. It has literally lasted me about three years. I put two ounces of tau star pro in two about a gallon to a gallon and a half of water, and then you go around and spray but use a fan, spray and spray 2-foot out from the house and about a foot up the house all the Way around the house – and I have even used this stuff inside it – works great once you spray, you come back out the next couple days and you will see stink bugs around the outside of the house spiders around the outside of the house, and when I use This regularly, we hardly ever have those pests make it inside when they do they’re already weak and slow, because they’ve traveled across that barrier, and I’ve, even seen it.

It kills the mosquito hawks. It kills. The millipedes and centipedes it really does a great job of keeping my house pest free for about a dollar a month. Compare that to 50 to $ 100 on for professional pest control services, and you can save thousands of dollars just by planning ahead and spending about 15 minutes a month walking around the outside of your house to spray it’s very easy.

It’s, one of the best ways that I’ve found to save money. I’ve, also cut my satellite provider out, which saves me about $ 100 a month. We try to make our own cold brew, coffee at home and stuff like that, which I may do a video on showing you guys how to do that, because that saves about $ 3 a cup compared to buying it from Starbucks.

And this is just one other way that I save thousands of dollars a year. I will put a link in the description where you can buy the talstar Pro, where I found the best price on Amazon and a link also to a standard garden sprayer and the rubber gloves that I use, because I’m able to buy them.

A bulk and save a lot of money, if you have any questions, leave them below the video and I’ll, get back to you.