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How to Make a Room Spider-Free : Natural Pest Control

Hello, I’m. Louise Hodges with green bug, all natural calm, and what we’re going to talk about today is how to make a room spider. Free first thing you want to think about is how to think like a spider, spiders like to be protected and they like to be hidden.

So the first thing you want to do is make sure that you eliminate as much clutter as possible in a room when you look around at all the places that spiders can be. They’re, typically along the corners along the baseboards along the the crown molding in a room.

So I have a dedicated broom that I use strictly for my spiders, and so, if you take this the broom and go along these areas on a weekly basis or or, however, is needed. That way, you’re, getting rid of all the spiders and making sure that you’re interrupting their habitats so that they don’t, get comfortable and start hanging out in your home.

Where you don & # 39, t want them. If you have a serious infestation or if you start to see a lot of spiders, then what you want to do is be concerned about where they’re coming from it’s, a good idea to treat the outside of your home To make sure that the spiders are not coming in, you can also treat from the inside to make sure that you create a repellency barrier, and that way they won’t be coming in, so you can treat from the inside.

You can treat from outside or you can treat from both to great products. That would be very beneficial to use that are completely safe, but very effective are green bug for indoors along your baseboards and the entry points that you might have for spiders, and then the green bug for outdoors is very effective.

If you need to use that on the outside to keep make sure that they’re, not coming in a comprehensive plan like this, where you’re dealing with them organically, where you’re, just making sure they don’t have a very good habitat.

You’re disrupting where they are in. Your house can often take care of spiders if it gets a little bit more than that. It’s time to bring in something that & # 39. S, got a little bit more power and punch to it, which I would recommend the green bug with an active ingredient of cedar, just like cedar, chests and cedar closets.

Where you never see a bug and that’s because cedar is deadly to pests, yet it’s harmless to humans, animals in the environment. That way you’re, taking care of them safely without harming anybody in your family.

Your pets or any of your furniture, your belongings whatsoever, so that’s, how you keep a room, spider free. I’m. Louise Hodges with green bug, all natural calm. Thank you for watching you