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How To Kill Carpenter Bees Safely and Easily | Carpenter bee trap

Okay, I was noticing this weird yellow stuff on the on my counter. Here it’s kind of gooey and I wiped it up, and then I put it back. I’m in the next day. There’s more and I looked up and there’s, these holes in my pergola here like what is this hole? And then there’s.

These like flying insects, that look like look like honeybees, but they’re that did some research and they’re. Actually, they’re, actually carpenter bees. So I went to do-it-yourself pest control, which is where I get most of my stuff and got this carpenter bee cottage trap, which is a special device that is intended to act like their home and then they they get trapped and they get trapped into a bottle.

That they can’t get out of so I’m going to try this out. So what I learned was that the carpenter bees like unstained wood – and this is pretty much unstained, so I went ahead and started staining last weekend.

So I want to finish the rest of it this weekend to hopefully prevent more and then the ones that are in these holes right now it’s. Not I can’t see them in there, but I know they’re in there. They will hopefully get trapped, and hopefully I don’t, get more okay, so to set up this trap here.

You just pop these little pegs off, but it reveals a little bottle, pegs back on, which is her school kind of a cool design. This device costs about twenty six. Nine 9’s; the King first, there that’s.

The whole thing pop that in there you’re done. Okay, so I just went ahead and hung mine right there, and hopefully tomorrow I will see the bees moving from this hole into these holes and ultimately into the catch bottle.

Manny went in the wrong wrong hole, so I’m, showing you how they go inside. Okay, let’s, see it’s been about two weeks, as you can see, we have maybe five or six bees in there. So we know it’s working, I haven’t seen any more.

It was a little bit right there that looks like pollen actually, obviously any more wood on these holes. So I think, and one thing to point out is you want to leave these bees in here? Don’t clean them out until it’s full, because the dead bees will attract more bees and more and more will go in there.

So it actually started with two and then now there’s like five or six so looks like we’re, successful