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How To Get Rid Of Termites For Good Using Borax — Best Solution Do It Yourself


How To Get Rid Of Termites For Good Using Borax — Best Solution Do It Yourself

Okay, this property that I purchased in foreclosure as he is ever an issue with their might. The previous owner really take care on this property, and I used tell medo to treat the termite or to prevent damage from coming, but still they find a way to come to the property, and I want to show you how I deal with that and I’ll I can prevent it forever from coming to the property in these vulnerable place.

Okay, so, as you can see, this is the still. This is the spell for the interest of the property and, as you see, the style, cement, okay and I want to share from well the Talmud actually managed to penetrate to the property.

Even we use the term adorn, even though the previous tile and history, though you need not L, okay. So what you see here this is a 1 by 6 bald. That is that now it’s. Pvc, but before it was a wood board, exactly the same thing – and you can see here – is the change the cement when you, the step, meet the interest to the house, but the termite really penetrate behind this board that now it’s.

Pvc. The reason is because this board is actually located outside it was, would you get moisture and mold and become Lawton? These attract termite to come and hit his booth and continue inside to the your house and starting eating your stardom.

You know they would inside your property. So I want to show you how I get rid of it. Okay. The first thing I did I could replace the board was to board here, which would rot in wood and a passion for PVC 1 by 6.

Pvc can see from here until the hand I replace the door. It was wood, though it fiberglass door and I painted this wood, but before I paint it actually put box on on that – and I just spent it with a white primary color that’s.

To avoid this would become rotten and then attract attract termite. What I want to show you here is that you can see here. If you look very carefully, there are all seal the dependent actually take care on the property by injecting tramptown tramadol to the property, but still he did not avoid then tell Mike from coming here, and I want to show you white sees so here I’m, actually, under the steps that you see these steps behind, that it’s, actually a little split property.

So I want to show you whether actually the termite went to the property form? Okay, so here you can see the seal. I also replace it because this seal has been completely eaten by this is creatures termites, and actually what happened is they came the marriage to came between here to here the manager came in said to the property and starting to eat this seal that I replace already With a pretty cool, it was not treated now it’s, a treated wood and they went inside to the flow above and continued it eating the other studs.

They receive electron, amide, apparently to the house of BC before, and let me show you what happened. Actually, these two wood here to start his new yacht with its father, replaced the previous card, which was completely eaten by this creature, and I could remove them and I think the place this time it was now it’s, triggered before it was not Treated okay, and let me show you what I did you know to avoid them from coming to this area, because this is one of the other area is not wonderful, because we put the liquid against them and it’s avoided from coming to the Property, but you there that I showed before it’s almost impossible to take the images.

So what I did I actually using Botox here you can buy from Target or from Home Depot many other stone look for Borges and for each eight phones. Here I’m, actually putting one teaspoon, so I put out to you two spins 2 TSP for 16 horns and I’m actually going to open it.

I put I put a hot water in that’s, great news about what is coming and all that you have any hot water. Without what sixteen on to see 16 Oz of water – and I mix it, that would have helped. But what’s twisted like to dissolve in the water? After I did it? I’m going to go in a fly on the wood is how, in the risk of eating by this termite, okay now are showing of how you apply a substance that will protect these untreated.

Would you tell me the truth in this untreated forever? From talent and take the and take the brush and stuck it inside the water, hot water, with the Mohawks – and I just like painted it and what happened in these kind of things, they would suck the water with the substance with the bog substance, the broad substance Get a crystallized salt which is not which is not poisoned for human being, but it’s extremely poison for four baths and thermite.

They cannot get stuff like that. They will run away or some woods onto this path. So after you putting it, you actually make sure the deferment venture to this wonderful place, but I’m, not have anything to eat.

You put it here, and you put it here. Remember that’s, the one more place you cannot protect with these solutions, automatics or whatever the liquid the people putting around their promises. It’s, going to be very difficult to protect it in this area to show