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How to Get Rid Of Clover Mites | Tiny Red Bugs infestation | diy pest control

We just got back from vacation and we & # 39. Ve got something new that I have to take care of. So I thought I’d, make another DIY video okay, to give you an idea of what clover might look like. I’ll, show you so those tiny red things.

Those are them. If you smash one of these, it will leave a red stain you. So these clover mites are more of a nuisance. They don’t bite. They just get everywhere. Since I noticed them, I got to take care of them fast.

If you don’t, do anything that will just take off and they will be everywhere. They’ll, get under your doors. Look it under your windows. It will just be everywhere, so you’ve got to take care of these things.

Quick don’t think that they’re, going to go away because they’re. Not so once again, I’m, going to show you what you need for this: how to write these books. You saw in my last video. You saw that I use this for the inside, so this doesn’t actually say mites on, so it might not kill mites, but this stuff, the defense.

I see that I told you about in my last video from do your own pest This stuff does kill mites and I’m running out of it. I did buy a very new sprayer, so I’m, going to get that out and don’t forget to use gloves essence.

I’m outside I’m, going to be spraying outside where I exactly where I see the bugs. I’ll, probably spray all around the perimeter. I’m, probably not going to use the breeding because I’m, not going to be in an enclosed space, get the square out like this prayer.

So it comes up to these little tips, different tips to do different things. We’re going with the adjustable, so I’m, going to do again, a 30 milliliters which should be one fluid ounce or one gallon partnership with these on, like 30 seconds ago, proceed to liberally spraying, these things everywhere or as you Can see I’m just spraying, my entire patio down everywhere, what a difference in native square makes.

You saw my last video when I went into the house. It was pretty much a disaster all right again. This is the stuff defense SC, the skills. Pretty much spiders and pretty much everything you’re, going to run into including these clover mites so give it a shot.

So now I’ll, just clean up be sure to subscribe. If you want to see more, do it yourself, videos,