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How To Do Your Own Home Pest (Bug) Control

How can I do pest control at home by myself?

Hey this is dr. fatz here and in this video I will show you how I will do my own pest control around the home and a couple years ago I was paying a company to come and treat my home and I was paying about $ 100 per Quarter so that adds up to about $ 400 a year, so it gets quite expensive.

I looked online and I found this product that’s very effective. This is called the talstar P and you can mainly buy this online. I believe you’ll find this in like Home Depot, but it’s, a very good product.

It can be used for indoor and outdoor. You do have to follow the instructions that is in this booklet here that’s. Attached to the bottle itself, and it tells you how to apply it for indoor use and outdoor use, it treats all kind of different type of pests, spiders cockroaches, ants, termites silverfish.

What else does a lot of stuff millipedes centipedes? So it’s very effective. It’s very good product and on the left side, what you’re looking at are the applicator. I’ll, be using to apply this product so starting from the far left side.

You see a three gallon pump. Sprayer you don’t have to buy a three gallon. You can buy 1 gallon, like the one next to it, to the right that sprayer is a 1 gallon pump, sprayer and then to the right of that is the ortho.

This is a sprayer that you hook up to the hose, so you can do like a broadcast spring using this, and this is good and you can apply it to say the lawn I’ll show you a broadcast spray this, and it is very Fast, it’s very quick compared to the pump sprayer, where you basically have to apply it using the wall.

So let me take a minute and tell you why I chose this tau star P product compared to other products on the market. First of all, this can be used for both indoor and outdoor and after you apply it, it does have a 1 to 3 month residual control of your common pest.

Now this product I bought online. Typically, you won’t, find it in a store like Home Depot or Walmart, but I bought this one for about 46 dollars and there’s. A three quarter gallon bottle. Now the application does not require a lot.

One ounce of this product can be diluted to one gallon of water, so you can imagine you know you can mix quite a few gallons with three-quarter gallons here. If you look at the user guide and you turn to the indoor use section, it will list a bunch of different bugs and pests that ill control.

For example, carpenter, ants bed bugs bees, beetles biting flies, centipedes, cockroaches, crickets, earwig fleas flies, millipedes, mosquitoes small scorpions silverfish. I mean just goes on and on with different type of bugs that can control, and if you turn a few pages there’s, also a section for how to apply it for the outdoor, the perimeter of your home, and also it will give you The dilution rate this table here.

So if you want to control termites, you want to basically increase the concentration and you may want to use two ounce per gallon of water if it’s, just regular pest control, then anywhere from 0.33 ounce to one ounce per gallon of water.

So just follow everything that is listed in this user guide for this product before I apply this now star P product around the home. What I like to do is to trim back any bushes and trees next to your home, so that you do have a clear in this area a spacing between any type of plants or bushes and the outside wall.

Because a lot of times that’s, how the bugs can basically go from the tree, limb or the side of bushes and get on to the siding of your home and that’s. The first thing I’ll, do after I do that, then I will be using the sprayer to apply this product.

So right here, you’re. Looking at this side of my house and what I’ll need to do. Is trim back these bushes here, as you can see, is very close to the outside wall here and I’ll, be using my black & amp decker electric edger and I’ll go down the entire side, so I want to make Sure that a good spacing between the bushes and the side of my house and that’s.

What I’ll do right now, so here’s. The other side of my house – and I just finished trimming back the bushes here and, as you can see, definitely put some distance between the bushes and the side of my house.

So after you cut everything back, you should do one more thing, which is to pick up the trimming that’s on the ground, because when you apply the Telstar P chemical, you want that chemical to penetrate the ground and not just sit on top Of the trimming that you have just cut and in that way you actually create like a moat around your home, a barrier where you will have the chemical to control the bug population for the next one to three months.

So now let me show you how to dilute this talstar P with water, and I’ll, be using this three gallon pump sprayer here and what you’ll notice is that you can actually clearly see the marking of the volume here.

For both of these containers – and what I usually do do is that when I get container like this with raised lettering, here I get a permanent marker. I just go over each of these and you can see the four-three-two-one, the numbers and the measurement it’s just easier for me to see when I’m filling this up because a lot of times, even though they are made with A raised lettering: it’s, really hard to see without this color, so it’s.

Something that you can do at home is very easy and it’s permanent now to use this bottle there’s already a measurement cup that’s here. So if you tilt this bottle this way – and you see the liquid is now going into here and then you bring it up right, you see that now this is filled now you feel too much.

All you have do is go the other way and now a drain back to the bottle here. So I’ll, be doing 3 gallons and again, the measurement that I’ll be using is going to be one fluid ounce per gallon of water.

So if I need three gallon, how many three fluid ounce just refer to your user guide to see how much you need so here, then you measure three fluid outs. Now we just add water up to three gallon lines, now put the pump into the bottle and just tighten this up, and also nothing you need to do is to mix this really well shake the bottle, so the chemical and the water is all mixed together.

So if you use this, all you have to do is unlock the latch and this pump is completely filled resistance. Now, on the spray wand, there is a nozzle. Typically, you’ll, find that you can adjust by turning clockwise and counterclockwise.

So you can have a stream coming out or your mist coming out so adjust the tip accordingly. So what you want to do is spray at least three feet up on the wall of the house and also three to five even six feet.

If you can on the ground that extends from the side of your house now, of course like over here, I have some bushes that I can, but I’m, going to spray as much as I can to cover the perimeter of the house.

Again. Anything on the wall try to spray up to about three feet and if you have any objects that the bugs can climb up like these wires here go ahead and spray those wires. If you find the pressure to be low, go ahead and give a few more pops and whenever you have a gutter at the corner of your house, what I could do is spray a little higher following the gutter, so that again you prevent any pests from climbing Up this gutter and getting your house and continue to go around your home now, when you get to a window or a door over there go ahead and spray the perimeter of the window, also your home at the front of the house, same thing: scroll around the Perimeter Spray up about three feet: any vertical surfaces spread down, so this video will help those people who want to do their own pest control around the home.

Now, if you want to spray the inside of your home, what you want to do is mix about maybe 0.33 fluid ounce to 1 gallon of water and spray. The bottom of the baseboard inside your home, and also if you want to reapply, make sure you don’t, apply it more than once in seven days, that’s.

What’s suggested by the manufacturer? Anyways? I hope you enjoy watching this video if you have any questions that I’ll leave a comment below and you like. The video please subscribe. Thank you.