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How to Control Crickets by Solutions Pest Control

I will sweet music to the ears crickets. Everybody knows what a cricket is right. Well, I tell you: crickets are a small little creature they like to feed on plant material. They’ll feed on dead, insect bodies.

They feed on clothing. They’ll feed on leather when the numbers become so large. Around structures, homes, commercial buildings, oftentimes, they’ll, enter those buildings and they become a just an extremely nuisance pest.

So what we can do for that there’s. A couple of products that we use – one’s, called entice, select, granules and the others actually called larval, or take why don’t you come with me. We & # 39. Ve got a situation here where we & # 39.

Ve got some crickets that that have been entering into a garage area in a home, and let me show you how to apply this product all right. So here we are on the side of a house. We’ve had some cricket issues here, so there’s a couple products again that we’re going to use.

We’re, going to use the enticed grant bait or we can use the larvae lure in this particular instance, we’re, going to use the entire scrambler bait. This bottle has two openings on it. One is a larger opening here, where you can actually pull product out with spoons.

If you wish and then the other side, it’s kind of like a salt, shaker type where you can just sprinkle it right out of the canister itself, which is the applicator that we’re, going to use for this particular job.

So again we’re, going to apply this product in areas around the structure. Make sure that you don’t put it in areas where you have some standing water so make sure there is dry when it when applied. We’re, going to apply at the rate of about two pounds per thousand square feet, so it’s, going to be spread out pretty thin.

We’re, going to put it right up against the structure you could, if you wanted, to create a swath of about a two foot area from the slab out. If you want to so, we’re going to take the product and we’re just going to start sprinkling.

It right up against the house, and we’re, going to go all the way around until we’re complete. The other product we can use is the the larval or marbler contains the per puck, sir. It’s, got a pretty good residual on it.

It’s, a pelletized bait instead of a granular type bait. It’s great for not only the crickets, but it’s, also great to use for cockroach control as well. Product can be used up in attics and also on the exterior.

In this particular case, we are going to use it on the exterior on the top. Here we have a flip-top that has holes perfe poked into it, which kind of creates kind of like a the saltshaker type thing again, just like on the entice, and we’re going to take this product and we’re going to Sprinkle it around the structure, at a rate of about 4 ounces per thousand square feet, creating a swath up against the slab of about 2 to 3 feet.

If you will, the crickets are drawn to it and they’ll feed on it and kill them. So let’s, go ahead and apply our product and, as you see, we can just take it just come on out with it about two or three feet from the house, and we’re going to do this all the way around.

All right, we’ve gone all the way around the house. We’re done. I mean it’s as simple as that. Crickets will be drawn to either one of these baits that we’ve used here. Both are very effective, both are also labeled for cockroaches and the silverfish, and you’re in some species of ants and, of course, the crickets.

So just make sure that when you apply these products, you apply it on a day where it’s, not raining don’t put it in areas where you have high moisture make sure the area is completely dry and usually you get Control within a matter of a week or so anyway, i’m keith mccoy with solution.

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