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How to Apply Termidor or Taurus Properly To Kill Subterranean Termites – DIY – Step by Step

How do you apply Termidor to concrete?

This is the trench that I just now dig. You know it is sick French to protect my property from a taillight, and I’m going to use that on register window. So I want to show you okay, so it should be six inch by six inch and I want to put now the liquid.

I want to show you harm, actually mix it together. So let me show you what’s going on this? Is the property, and if I go here, okay and you can see here, is it arranged that going all over it’s very easy to dig it? If you can see the dig it here? I dig it here.

You can see six inch going. All over the house. Okay, so let me just go on the backyard of the house and I want to show you what’s going on here. We have actually a slab excreta. It’s, a concrete. We need to actually drill here.

Every one one foot, the wheel, okay – and here is the other trench. Okay, so we digging it it’s, easy to dig it. I’ve showed with what tools I dig it. You can see it here so using these two tools. So that’s, the shovel actually to dig and that’s, the rack, the shovel active to put the dirt back in the back to actually make it proper.

So this is dual immunity I used and it’s. Very. Very easy to do it, you can do it yourself, everybody can do it yourself, so we’ll, be doing now. We actually want to put a liquid here in this area and you can see it’s likely tricky doesn’t, go straight, all the way go in here and any coming back and go in here.

So you have to measure we’re, actually going to measure a 10 feet, because you have to put four gallon per 10 feet. Okay, so four gallon photography net will be going in. We actually have to stop it. You see we’re building like a wall there.

This this would actually will stop the water from going, and we’re, going out to prepare it and put the the water here and put back the dirt. Let me show you how I’m doing this is the terminal I’m using, and you can see here.

If you look, there is, if you actually flip it like that, so you can see what they want. They want 0.8 Huns pearl 1 gallon okay, and if you use it like that, it’s, going to be very difficult, very tricky to make exactly 0.

88 hands. I’m, actually using different way to do it and I think, of a far more accurate and you can put actually 1 if you want – or there is couple of equation, but for me it’s. 0.8. It’s. Perfectly to do because this place never been attracted by a termite, but in any way I want to protect my my property that the termite will not arrive.

So let me show you, I’m doing it, so I’m using if you can see. I’m using here this kind of container. If you look at the container here – and this container actually ever owns one on the to on and actually AB a mealy little here, so you actually need to put 0.

8 hands 0.8. Ours is actually one. Ounce is 30 milliliters, so it’s. Actually. 24 milliliter or you can actually make it like that – I could with you so it’s. Probably he is going to sit here. That is very easy to do and it’s very accurate, more aggravated if they’re.

The measurement they give you with this container that you buy from tell me, though. Okay, let me show you what I’m doing here with is a I have to put four gallon of water here, so there is a 1 gallon.

We’re, going to put another gallon, put the other gun on now. Yes, okay put a together, and now we’re going to put okay, so we’re going to be put to get on there remember we need to put it all together on, but now we’re, going to put The substance which is 0.

8 hands time for because we have to give it for each gallon 10.8, just going to be 3.2 hands all the container. But we’re, going to put up a 2 gallon because it’s, easy to mix. We’re to mix it. So if you can look what I’m doing here, you look at here very carefully.

You can see I’m actually pouring now you can see I pouring pouring. It should be exactly a little bit more than 20. Okay, that’s it so they actually have a little bit. Ok! So now we’re, going to pour it inside the water.

Ok now we’re, going to put another one, so it put it here and you’re, going to put another 0.8 hole, which is roughly 20. Ok, that’s, it another 1/2 and we’re, going to put another two of them correct.

So you put exactly full time 0.8 hands. Ok! So because we have a we used, 4 gallon and it’s. 4 gallon tale 10 feet. Remember so you’re, actually going to put more so you’re going to put water. I’m going to actually to mix it.

Let me show you to mix it. You have to mix it very, very, very slowly. The seeds become like white substance. You have to put another 2 gallon, so put one gallon and another girl. So now we have four gallon and remember.

Mixing mixing mixing is the most important mix the substance as much as you can substantive white color, so that’s. Four gallon of of Talmud. Oh, we’ll, go now to the AU so before so, I’m. Actually going to put the water, you can see what you’re doing with putting it now.

It’s, a four gallon per ten feet after we finish, we just need to put now there there, so the dirt show y’all to pull the dirt. Now look at that it’s, so easy so use the shovel to put all the dog back.

But then we’re going to smooth it with, but it X. So I’ll show the final result facing now using the bag to see using the vector, actually just put it proper, [, Music ]. So remember when you build a trench, it should be six inch by sixteen six inch wide and 6 in depth.

That’s, all the trick you and forget on pac-10 linear fit. We finish by sigma2. We finish the other segment we finish already and let me tell you well actually just finish it now here and you can see the weights look like after we use the rag to smooth the ground there.

So you don’t even see it anymore, but they believe me. You actually put here protection. Tell me, though, like maybe like ten minutes ago, so now what we doing we’re, putting back the brakes. You can see how nice thing is done now.

We just put the brakes now back and we finish the brakes and we finish it. So you, after a while you don’t even see that you actually treat their home. The house, with the Termidor, with a new substance, so now we’re, going to put another hangar on here in this area.

I want to show you the techniques actually putting it so see here will be difficult to see, but she built here. This is the place where we actually stop the water from going, because you have it exactly ten and six and we following the four gallon will occur.

The substance of the Thermidor 4.8. The gallons is 3.2, therefore gallon. So what’s left now is just to push back. You’re just putting back the dirt and with a stone you can see the small stone, keep it inside [, Music ].

Ah, these are going to be protected, for I believe I believe, 15 years. Actually, the protection is that no termite will penetrate to this area, but the other area that we have to do this with different kind of like robots and stuff.

Tell me, though, is really useless because it doesn’t doesn’t cannot protect it in some area because you cannot reach it, so you continue doing it, and I think I understand the princi difference. If neither the formula to do it, the other thing I want to show you here you see here is the garage and on the garage.

What we’re, going to do, we going to actually drill with a 0.5 inch drill, every foot and then what we’re going to do. We going to use a funnel to put a four gallon per pan fit so that’s, a that’s, a very easy to do, and a Foley I’ll.

Show you how to do it also, so you can see how easy is to put us back to send using the shovel. This is the wall that you put here to protect it, so you actually use five-gallon because it was more than 10.

It was actually it perf and a half it’s exactly five gallon unit, because in one girl on the a two and a half feet, we actually look out fast. We completed. Now we’re going to use the wreck yeah just smooth the ground, see the wreck, bring the rag.

Okay, the rag we smooth the ground and you can see how the guard look like you. Really. We serve hundreds of dollars. You’re, going to do it yourself. In addition, you will know that you did hopefully well when you actually order invite somebody.

You never know if we put enough substance in the water, because some companies like to make money on the substance, because something is expensive, so we already almost finish it and you can see everything is already completed.

You take exactly three minutes to do it. It should be a safe, three-minute spell almost twelve twelve and a half feet to cover it and to cover it up like three minutes that’s, all you can see it’s really done that’s.

It done perfect.