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How To Apply Termidor or Tauros To A Concrete Slab To Kill Termites – Drilling Holes

These property that you see behind me had a stealth and a cool garages and the driveway there is a blackberry hill and on the under stairs it’s, a concrete cell. You have an 8-inch context, fitness in a four hinge, which is a standout at last.

What I would like to share today is how to apply how to inject Termidor inside the slab. That is actually even more than full inch that you can do it yourself, which cost you maybe $ 40 or $ 50 – how this works last year, captions, so that’s.

What I want to show today that you can do it yourself very easily by going to Home Depot and renting a machine or ladder place, and you will be under 2/3 successful. It is my step to the house here, and you can see this still.

Actually, let’s, go out see the stairs is actually from concrete here and my intention is to treat it again there might, but I need to drill a hole. So I already drill two holes actually trios one two three and I want to show you how to the rails or in a concrete – and this is a special situation here, because this content is really very sick.

And here what I have is a driveway that I would like also to protect my property from termites, and so what I want to show you today is how to drill. Do it yourself drilling the holes and inject the substance of Termidor or Toros inside that will protect your property from termite invasion invasion? So let me show you how I’m going to do it.

First thing you need to do is actually to drill holes, half an inch diameter all in the concrete and the distance. The distance between the oil should be one you can see here. I have one foot in one foot and I want to show you how to do it, because what I did, I actually rent a special machine that can drill a concrete and a special bit.

So I will show you all the situation: how to do it. It actually cost me $ 30. Everybody can do it. You don’t need to call the professional. We take this for $ 500 for it, and I want to show you I’m doing this very easily.

It is the drill I actually rented from on depot it’s called Makita. I believe it’s, a special drill that actually can honor the cement and can also drilling the cement of three you can look at here. There are three position, one of them drilling hammer drill and only hammer.

Okay and here’s, the drill you can see the time when we going to drill with it’s, a half an inch, a special bead. I’m going to graduate, and here is the machine. So can you put the machine inside there bill? Okay, so to put the grid, you can see what we’re, doing, pushing it and locked okay, then you can actually start yeah.

Okay, now can you actually have open the machine turn on the machine? Okay, so that’s, it that’s all so now we’re going to touch with drilling at all. Let me show you how okay, because we have it before a drill here, so what we doing, we’ll, be doing with putting the makita, then the keytar driller on channel and real, and we will drill you now in this concrete.

We have a difficulty to drill so what we’re doing here. We put the drill on panel and we try to hammer the cold concrete on a driveway we different in which we need cool the we with water easily by far faster and really okay.

We put it in hammer high speed and start again, please after like the wheel, okay, so I’m. Actually, using this this world, it’s, a very small road. You can turn all the four second. This is develop using and actually sticking inside.

You see we spied all and clearly to reach. So I know. Okay, I hit the ground here perfect that’s it so now I here, if you can see, I just read a little bit here, but it doesn’t, go in a little bit more and the trivet.

Actually, this is concrete. You have to actually use the hammer high speed and put it in put it out quickly. Otherwise we start for happen Hayes when you actually read inside. There is a lot of dust from the concrete and this will really stop the beat from going in and from going out.

So just remember you drill you give it or you actually use the hammer. We give them a hammer so two three seconds and take it out and again until it’s going inside, let’s write again so now we put it actually here on the ammo and let me show you how we doing it: Okay, we actually finish it.

Let me show you what happening now. I’m using this world and brain inside and going inside perfectly using it. Really it’s, a quarter of an inch as you can see here, and we just just push it to the concrete, as you can see, because this country is not four inches actually, maybe it’s.

Actually one foot concrete. Can you believe it and what we’re doing? Are we actually using this road to push it inside until we reach into the ground and make a hole in the ground? At least six moons in the ground see push it.

You can see how big it is. Okay, good, so we making sure that it’s going inside the ground, because the ground, the important advantage – okay and the other one. So what we doing here, we’re, actually making a hole at least six feet in the ground, and you’re, going to fill it with the substance.

Termidor towers. So now we’re actually going to drill on the driveway. There is a slab in this lab. It’s 4 inch, which would be very easy. Let me show you how we doing if you’re, actually putting the drill on a hammer and we start drilling it in high speed, we’ll, be doing now.

We’re, actually putting it on a ice cream. Cart now the second for drilling exactly 12 inch from each other. We start with a hammer high speed. Now we actually set it with the wheel with armor.

I see. Okay, we’re using the rod now just to make sure that the hole is expended sometime. It’s, nice to actually put water in the old. I have here a hole that we drilled here. You can see it. This is the hole I’m, putting my leg on it.

You see the hole is here, so we’re, going to put a water line because they all it may be. One hinge big and because you’re, putting water to cool the drill and it really can go inside because what happened when the drill is getting hot extended and then it’s.

Actually stuck inside, let’s. Try to show you how we doing it: okay, now, okay, without dealing on the right people. From now on what we’re, going to do, we’re, going to pour water on the bead on the derivative just to cool it continuously, and you can see how fast the process is going, because when we cooling the headrail the Bit cannot extend and cannot suck okay.

So we finish the drill here around is a park driveway and on the stairs and now what we going to do. We’re, going to actually put the substance inside these odds. Remember the old is a half an inch. The distance between of them should be one food and the deepness of them.

It depends how thickness for the thickness of the slab or the concrete. This quad is actually a four inch, so it should be at least ten inch deep and in there, as you see in the cells, the difference, the deepness is actually ten inch rings, at least sixteen inch.

So what we doing now after we complete drilling, we just dip in the oil, make sure the holy city physically to soil, though here we dipping it now remember a contractor one. Do it, you’re, actually going to use a power pump to pumping in, but it is better because this will make sure that we go into this ground.

This ground is clay ground to stuff a little bit to see what we & #. 39 re going to make it now for each hole that we’re doing here. We need to inject at least two little, or at least the bottom suspending and dipping they’re all very important to be successful of these important sometime.

It’s, difficult to put it in, but it’s, important that we’re, going to extend the all inside. Let we stop them going inside the soil at least six inches, that’s. Why we’re, going to kill all the tomatillo we’re.

Also, removing water is very watery inches as we move it, the other all that we actually drill and we depend the deepness of the all it all is. Actually, one foot really deep: okay, you can see why, with one could be called full inch of the slab another six inch plus 3 into the offset.

You know it’s. Actually, I almost was inches, but you can see the difference between the oil seal. It exactly put 10 to 11 here. So you can see. This is a second hole here and the second hole is actually in the 21 inch.

You can see it here and the saddle is in the 30 31 hinge, so every 10 inch really dig a hole. Artha means all, and now we’re going to put inside the substance.