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How subterranean termites get into your house and how to stop them

Florida known for its warm weather, beautiful beaches and hurricane season, the Sunshine States also known for having invasive species like the green, iguanas, cane toads and Burmese pythons. Oh and let’s, not forget termites termites chew through five billion dollars worth of property every year there are more than 2,000 species of termites in the world and about 40 species in the United States and right here in Florida there are three kinds Of termites that can drive any home owner, crazy, damp wood, dry wood and the most damaging termites of them all subterranean termites, also known as the super bug.

Subterranean termites first made their appearance in Hallandale Florida back in the 1980s, and since then, these little critters have made their way to every major city in Florida. I’m talking about Jacksonville Tallahassee Pensacola, Orlando Tampa Fort Myers and Miami now to get a better understanding of how these little pests operate.

I spent some time with dr. sue at the subterranean termite lab some gentlemen form a colony in the soil. They come from the soil get inside your house. No obstacle will stop subterranean termites. These 1/8 of an inch insects are determined to feast on the wood that’s, supporting your home to get around physical barriers like concrete or metal.

Subterranean termites create mud, tubes or tunnels. Now these tunnels are usually as thin as a traditional number-two pencil. The tubes can start from the ground, travel up a concrete wall over a metal barrier and right into the wood of your house.

If you have a house that is infested by formosans, subcenter might try to draw a circle 300 feet around your house, that nursing structure somewhere within the circle, that’s very big. It could be on corneum facing several house in your neighborhood and you have a several know: million termite investing there.

I want to take a moment to clear up a couple of things you might have heard or read somewhere that termites spit acid after decades of studying, termites dr. su said this simply is not the case. You see there’s, a tiny, tiny, sticky stuff coming out.

Those are the quality of Defense’s secretion, but it’s. Not it’s, not awesome. Okay, you know otherwise my arm with melting doesn’t. Do anything just biting me that’s all do you feel it yeah? What does it feel like? You may have also heard or read that termites have an appetite for concrete.

Can termites chew through concrete? No, they do not eat through concrete, and why is that? Because concrete is very, very tough material, but here’s, the thing termites can crawl within the cracks of concrete.

You know all the size crack. The subterranean termite would need to get up into your house, so you could imagine this being, maybe inside your house under carpet. You know where your wood framing is just sitting.

You know right here on the floor. They can come up right through you know. If this is cracked all the way through, you know to the to the underside of the soil. Okay, I’ve seen them, you know come right up through here.

I’ve, seen houses where they’ve had carpet and they’ve literally just built mud tubes right down the crack to get to a wall somewhere to eat that wood. So and you never know that they’re there, because you don’t see these cracks, because your floor covers it and things like that, any that’s, just how they’re.

They’re meant out there trained by nature to constantly be foraging for food, so that’s. Just their nature is to constantly look to keep the colony fed and growing. A termites colony can get big. Remember.

One colony can be within 300 feet around your home. This is a mess. Is it the living mist or tinnitus from a booth? So how do you get rid of them bait stations tenting both? Let’s start with bait stations, and then this guy just goes right down into the hole right there and we check that every year there are several termite bait stations on the market.

In dr. sue invented one of them, his invention even got him into Florida’s, inventors Hall of Fame. So I’m, pretty sure he knows what he’s. Talking about this is one of the two product we know it works very well, and this is Sentricon system.

We invented here at the University for the campus, and you put this station fresh into the soil like this, and probably twenty thirty of them around your house. So inside there we have bait like this, and this bait it’s actually lasts quite a long time you can put in a soil and then it will withstand as well for up to seven years and still very effective.

If there might not there. I just said there get moldy, but it’s. Okay, so termites will will be attracted to this steak inside here, which is a cellulose matrix. So they really like it. It’s kind of predigested wood in a way, but it’s, solid piece, subterranean termites, don’t, see and don’t talk, but they communicate through chemical.

So they will find this release a chemical that tells the other termites in the colony. Hey. We & # 39. Ve got some really good food. Here we’ll recruit them. They’ll all eat on this and bring it back to where their main colony is and then that will, in theory eradicate their colony completely okay.

So let’s. Move onto tenting tenting is used to control dry wood to mine, dry wood termites will build a nest inside their house. They don’t go into the soil and therefore, if you tend to put the gas in there, you kill everything inside a house.

Subchannel termite come from the soil. Then it’s in the soil. Sometime in the back here, sometime couple hundred feet away from your house, you put a tent on it. You put the gas inside eeeh. You may kill some termite in your house, but those in the soil will not be affected.

You take the tent off. They come right back at your house. Can a house have both types of termites? Absolutely if it turns out that you have both that’s where tenting and the bait system will come in handy when looking for that perfect place to build their colony, subterranean termites scout out warm and moist locations.

Florida is an ideal spot. If you’re, a Florida homeowner, moisture management will be your saving grace to keep subterranean termites at bay. Got a sprinkler system. Keep it away from the foundation of your house.

Your air conditioning unit make sure the condensation water is draining away from the foundation of your home. Next one is don’t dead. The wood touching the ground and connecting to your house touch the ground, the connect into your house because they will travel from there to get inside house.

For example, if you have a raised foundation and you store wood underneath the crawlspace termites will get to it and then they’ll move on to the wood in your house. Invasive species can be tough to deal with, but there’s.

Always a solution of how to deal with them the right way. If you have questions about pesky critters, just send us a note to the email below and our team. Probably me: we’ll, look into it for you, you