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Hi I’m Michael pH Ensler, with advantage pest control in st. Petersburg Florida. I was hit with the question. The other day is: how do I kill fleas in 24 hours? Well, that would be a good one, yeah kerosene in a match, but I think the arson inspector might be Anya for that one.

The problem with fleas is that they have four stages: okay, egg, larva, pupa and adult, and the egg is relatively easy to kill with any kind of a desiccant desiccant being something that dries it out.

I like to use a boric acid mixed with a botanical pesticide that also works well to kill the the larva stage, as the larva is crawling around it’s, going to ingest the boric acid, anything that is boron base that gets into their digestive System is going to disrupt the digestive enzymes and it’s, going to kill them off alright, then they span a cocoon and that’s when they’re in the pupa stage, and they’re, basically impervious To almost anything now, if you want to kill them at that stage, you know you’re gonna have to put down some extremely harsh pesticides, and you’re gonna have to wet everything down.

I don’t. Think that’s, what you really want to do, okay, now they stay in that pupa stage for an average, something like seven to ten days. If there’s activity, if there’s, no activity, let’s, say you’re off on vacation, doing that Mediterranean cruise for a month, okay, and there’s, no walking around of you or The pets, then they’re gonna stand that pupa stage just waiting and all the eggs gonna become larva.

The larva become pupae. So if this is gonna be backing up and you walk in still wearing your deck whites and they’re gonna feel the vibration of your feet and you’re gonna have fleas up to your knees and they’re all going to be hungry, so you have to understand that that is the toughest stage to kill them.

Now, when they’re adults, they only live about seven to ten days as an adult, whether they feed or not. So there you can attack them with a bunch of different types of pesticides. I like to use some botanically based stuff like a pyrethrin, some products from EcoSmart, and you can knock down the adults.

So is there gonna be flea free in 24 hours? Yes, but then the ones popping the cocoons later are gonna get you so about a week. The two weeks after you do. The application you’re gonna have to go back through again with an adult aside.

That should take care of it, especially if you have that boric acid mixture, with the botanicals down taking care of the eggs and the larvae that’s gonna stop that next generation from happening, and I think you’ll – be a Lot happier with that, it’s, a safe approach and it’s, an efficient approach.

I hope this has been helpful. I’m Michael pH Enza, with advantage pest control and sunny st. Petersburg Florida good day.