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Home Pest Control : How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs With Heat


Home Pest Control : How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs With Heat

Hello, I’m, Michael Pia Chancellor, with advantage pest control in st. Petersburg Florida. The other day I was asked how to get rid of bedbugs with heat. Well. Actually, heat is a pretty good tool to use against bedbugs it’s.

Nice and safe and natural, when I say safe, I’m, not talking about using one of these things. Okay, this is not a safe tool to use for bedbugs. If you try to use a hair dryer, you can’t really control.

The amount of heat right end up burning your mattress or melting, a cover that’s, not what we’re talking about. Okay, the heat that we want to use is going to be a combination of different things. Steam is actually a very good tool.

You can buy a steam cleaner, a little handheld one or a little floor model at some place like in a Walmart right and you want to go along and you want to steam clean the entire mattress, all the seams.

Very very thoroughly now, first thing I do is vacuum it though, and then go through with your steam cleaner. So that works quite well. Some of the fabric products like your sheets and whatnot you want to wash in hot water and then dry.

You know as hot as the label will allow some products that you can’t wash, but you can still run through the dryer. You want to use the dryer just to create the heat. You want a hot cycle. You want to run it for at least 20-30 minutes.

Okay, that’s, going to kill off the bedbug. If you get a bedbug up to about 140 degrees for 10 minutes, it’s. Toast okay, another way of utilizing heat here in sunny st. Petersburg is to take a black garbage bag.

A big guy was like kind of using a construction site or perfect, and you can take cushions from your couch, pillows, blankets and things like that and put them inside seal it up fairly tight and put it out in the driveway and the hot Sun just leave.

It there all day long now, what you don’t want to do. Is you don’t want to stuff those bags full to the hilt? Is there going to act like an insulator? It’ll, get really hot on the outside, but the inside is not going to get that hat, so you want to spread them out fairly flat and let them just get toasty hot.

That’ll really help. So I hope this helps you. I’m. Michael pH Inza advantage pest control coming to you from sunny st. Petersburg