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Gopher X Rodent Control Device – Kills Gophers in Under 3 Minutes

Tired of destructive Gophers, ruining your property gopher X is the fastest most effective, easiest way to kill burrowing rodents in yards Gardens. Golf courses for church Parks, sport fields, roadways and many more gopher X is used by landscapers farmers, ranchers growers, homeowners and professional exterminators.

It’s simply the best. The patented gopher X. Extermination device is an easy to use, durable, effective, burrowing, rodent killing machine which operates without the negative effects caused by other methods and in some cases at only half the purchase price.

Plus it doesn’t use any food type poisons that can kill other animals or family pets. It works by pumping heated smoke and carbon monoxide through their tunnels and nesting areas, but don’t worry. Although the smoke is hot exhaust, it is cool enough at the hose exit, so it is impossible to start a fire.

A complete extermination can take just minutes and the device is made in an Environmental Protection Agency registered establishment. Rarely will a rodent have a chance to evacuate its tunnel quick enough to escape the go 4x.

The carbon monoxide seeks them out and kills them underground, so the disposal of the rodents carcass is virtually eliminated when used as directed the smoke from the gopher X should have little effect on the soil.

So your fruits and vegetables should not die or have any odd aftertaste or the smoke come in contact with the root system. Lastly, the smoke provides a visual indication of where the gas is traveling and shows any additional openings that can be covered to increase effectiveness.

This also provides peace of mind if the gas is approaching home. Buildings are going into your neighbor’s yard. It shows you, the tunnels you can’t, see the powerful, safe choice for effective control of Gophers, ground, squirrels, moles and other burrowing rodents heck.

Even snakes go for X. It’s, simply the best