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Giant Rat Trap Accident Simple How To Control Rodents


Giant Rat Trap Accident Simple How To Control RodentsOh hi, everyone at the middle of winter, where I live. It’s, a very, very windy day. It’s, a very, very cold day that pile of dirt is where that Russian blue cat loves to play. But my wife has made a very disturbing discovery in that white tub there.

Do you remember what that white tub was from something very very tragic has happened inside there, but before we take a look in, they’re, going to take a look down in the garage. Well, I better put a warning up.

This video may disturb some viewers, but it also may educate others. It all depends on how much you you are. Oh, yes, I love the sound of a rubber chicken in the morning there we go feel a lot better.

Now this video is about rat traps and mice chaps, and I was going to stray onto this topic but ended up. There stray cats. I basically clean up the bulk of what we had under our house. There are all different sorts of traps and everything, as I found out there’s, some humane ones.

There’s, others which are not humane, as ones like this, Oh see how effective they are. There are ones like this, which sort of capture the the rodent by the neck and put a rubber band very tightly round its neck.

I’d hate to be caught up in that, but hey rodents can be very dangerous and they can actually cause a lot of damage. This is a humane trap here, where it looks like a traps them okay and then you can go and release and a lot of people are into those sorts of traps, but the ones that I found most effective for smaller roads that I’m.

Saying, like mice around a house is a trap like this. They are very sensitive and it takes next to nothing to set these off, as you can see, but the problem I’ve had with these traps here is: I & # 39.

Ve actually ended up catching leaked, our geckos, they’ve, come in for the bait and quite often it’s being peanut butter in there and it’s quite distressing. When you see something trapped in these, that shouldn’t be inside, then of course, there’s.

The poisons as well. I’m, not really that keen on these. Once again, I just feel like that. Sometimes other animals can get into this and who knows where the road it ends up dying? I have had success in these bigger traps.

As you can see, they are good once you set them up to be very, very sensitive. I have seen so often larger rodents will just basically keep eating the food off those and escaping it. They can be very tricky to set up now.

One thing about all this here is is based in industry around trying to catch rodents and mice and rats, or whatever else I mean a trap like that. I’ll. Remember: was it wasn’t that cheap but hey? It might be? The best thing since sliced bread – maybe audience, knows about that one there.

There are other ones like this. The concealed one like there is basically all different sorts of devices, but what has happened outside in their white tub has reminded me of one of the most effective ways of catching rodents.

Well, I better put on the gloves because this one’s going to get ugly, and I know you’ll like it. When I get these gloves on. Okay, as you can see, it’s an extreme windy day. Sorry for the microphone horrible noise, but what is done here is a reminder that sometimes the best traps are the simplest, and if we take a peek in here, we’re, going to start discover what has gone on here.

Okay, I’d, say that rooted there is a God and there’s, also a bell or something down there as well. Well, here’s, our veggie garden right in the middle of winter, all part of that garden – and this is the time of year when rodents are moving around rodents, are breeding and rodents are always looking for food.

So we & # 39. Ll. Put my Sherlock Holmes brain on here. I think I know what’s going on the rodents at night would be scurrying around the top of these tubs and the bricks that I’d love at there, and one daring rodent has decided to play on the tub here.

It’s, probably scooting around on the edge here and as haplessly falling into the tub towards death, because this is full of rainwater and it’s. One of the simplest ways to capture rodents. Well, the rat.

This time around got very unlucky, but this is the way you set up a trap like this. There very simple setup: you basically have it, so the rat can come up from the garden get onto this blankie and it’s.

Planky, I’ve, set up a very simple pivot point here, just using those clips there, and we can just pretend for a moment that the gold Thomas there is a piece of cheese. I’ll just grab that right here.

This has only just happened last night because my wife comes out of the garden every day, poor thing but hey, I’m, not that sad, because these things can be highly destructive and I’ll. Just show you how the trap like this works.

Well, basically, it’s, a balancing act to death. It’s, a very, very simple trap, very, very cheap to set up and right. We come along and they are inquisitive by nature and they love to lead and it would be a nice bait.

There is something a lot to eat, peanut-butter probably be perfect. It was start nibbling and guess what oops good night sister, because the Timbers weighted to that end it resets for another catch, but the real trick is that make sure this catches rodents and not much else.

I think the real skill and trick in this trap is not to put too much water. Now I don’t want to possum to be inquisitive end up here and end up falling into the trap. I just want to kill guys like that yeah.

It’s very simple, just those clips and setup and that’s all there. You can do other methods as well, but that’s. Just a cheap and cheerful way goes in and resets. Now I look down here. It does tell us a story what went on here last night: it’s, a basically scratch marks and you can see where the Raiders left marks in there.

Okay and he would have been a life while, but eventually, of course, he’s passed away, and maybe it’s. Time is boy here I’ll, bottle them up and put them in the rubbish and make sure mummy. Doesn’t seem well, I better dive down and get gold tongs from there.

It’s, freezing cold water, oh boy, oh boy, middle of winter, don’t. You hate that and will dry summers off and make sure. Well, he basically stays in. My collection. Also be curious about the be here the like Beezus, not nice, to see be draining.

You may have gone down for drink and basically got a little bit more than the expected. So who knows their bees? Is that something special or they just in common, be like these are very, very pretty things typically about this right in here, wonder if it’s, male or female, that’s.

Excuse me, Thomas, could be the flick for a second there’s, even a head of sex. These things. What does that? What do they look like this? How the audience can tell me what looking at that are not an expert in that at all.

I’ll, let the audience that we know what’s going on there, but believe me, these things where they do the damages it there. They will go through that’s, tables that will cause endless amounts of damage to your home.

They’ll course house fires but rip into your food. They are nothing but trouble. Well, I better leave this video here. Hopefully we’ve learnt something out of this. I might leave this trap set up because I’m sure there’s going to be more of these guys around.

I know someone’s going to say leo. We didn’t see the way you saw the clip, so I put some clips onto the board there that’s, the plank the gangplank, the death plank. I put little clips onto the tub here.

This is a big tubs of those cheap Thomas toys that I found came in actually the great tops of the garden and then the secret or it’s. Not a secret now is down there either twine the logic. All of that part there.

Okay, like that so put one inside the other, so they’re actually connecting is actually not bad. A nice cheap, simple way to do a pivot point there and a little friend goes on. There falls in and then it resets, as always thanks for watching and bye for now, and it’s very cold day.