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How do you get rid of drain flies fast?

Hi I’m Walt. This is Ken. We’ve, been working together for 30 years and welcome to our video about drain flaws. There’s, probably not a person watching this video Walt that hasn’t had some small flies in your kitchen or laundry room or somewhere that have given them a lot of problems.

Most people refer to them is, is either fruit flies or gnats, but there there can be difficult to get rid of, but if you know how to treat them and where to look for them, it’s. Not that difficult. The three major flies that we run into or fruit flies, moth flies and for it flies and and what the drain flies feed on.

They can be done in the sink every when you have a sink or a shower. There’s, a certain amount of slime it gets in. There could be soap film, it could be skin hair and these these insects actually feed on it.

So you have to clean it somehow how you can do that with physically with a brush as much as you can there’s, certain limits on where you can get with a brush. One of those drains have covers over and make it difficult to get anything down in there, especially the commercial drains floor drains and things like that.

So what we do is we, we suggested a real biological way to do it and then it & # 39. S. Got microbes in it, this happens to be made by a very well-known company in Kansas and it’s called Rockwell labs very good scent, and these are actually live microbes in here, and what you basically do is follow the directions you pour in a Certain amount in the drain every night for about five days, then for maintenance.

You cover that up now that’s, a liquid. This happens to be a an aerosol that foams and the way to use this. Of course, you read the directions, but it inverts and the nice thing about this, where this goes down to the trap level.

This covers and covers that top part of the drink it’s kind of thick, like a foam. It’s. Almost like shaving cream, it’s. It’s thick and yeah, so just like others, everything it’s, just an aerosol canvas, gosh, not worried.

At the time I use I didn’t ever think. I’d, run out there’s, a lot of material in there. So I mean I recommend a lot of people use a little bit of both. We got. Do some quartz gallons even five gallon material, because a lot of of our drain fly business is commercial and absolutely needed commercial restaurants.

Any food prep area like that you’re, going to find a lot of floor drains and floor drains are usually bigger in diameter, so they’re, a little more difficult to treat with the liquid or the foam and that’s where these they have product same company, Rockwell, lab splits.

This out it’s called a bio bullet. There are a couple of different sizes of the bio bullet. These are waxy like little cakes that can be put into the drains and as long as you & # 39, ve got a constant flow of water over these.

They release the microbes into the drain, and they do the same thing. They’re, eaten away that slime, buildup and the sludge that gets in these drains and removing that is job number one. Now I’m, going to get rid of the Flies until you get rid of the slimy material that they’re laying eggs in now in the case of fruit flies that could be could be.

The drains could be a piece of rotten fruit. They’ll need to get rid of that that you can be done pretty easily just throw that out, but these other flies they’re, going to be a little more difficult to get rid of their breeding site or their food.

So you keep in mind to and when you get rid of your fruit, that doesn’t mean the Flies are just going to disappear because they’re still hatching from their cycle from complete metamorphosis. It’s, going to take a few days once you remove.

The source could be a week or ten days before you completely get them gone, but that’s. What it’s, going to take to get rid of them. Yeah, we actually sad to say, but this is a glue board with some fruit flies on there and that came from our kitchen here.

It is right over in our break room, and so you know the Converse. Children have issues yeah. We have a someone here at least fruit out lot. We have to constantly get on her. This happens to be one of the fruit fly lures made by Rockwell, oh wow, but we has little syringe that you just push this out.

You our kit, comes with the glue boards and you put little spots in there before long the flies and start gathering on it. It’s really effective, and you can see the number of fruit flies. We caught in a very short time with that, but keep in mind catching these fruit flies is not going to end.

The fruit fly problem that’s, part of it and that helps wrap things up quickly. But you & # 39. Ve got to address that that breeding site that food source they’ve got it could be in the drains. I’ve, seen them in condensation catch pans under a refrigerator how plants the saucer under a house plant may grow a little bit of slime in there that & # 39.

S got to be addressed and restaurants too. They know restaurants, five years old. The floors of grouting goes through. This were a lot of wear and tear a lot of cracks in there and another another product by Rockwell lab here’s, another another great product.

This is called mop clean. This is not probably for the homeowner, but if you’re a restaurant, you ought to incorporate this. It & # 39. S, got the microbes in it. Now you put this tear this off, put it in two to four gallons on your final rinse and what you’re doing you’re.

Doing actually two things you’re. You’re mopping; the floor rinsing. The floor this these microbes, are getting in the tiny cracks and also you’re, treating them up. You know the mop, you know when we’re in a restaurant, we got four or five mops in the mop room and that’s.

A great place for the fruit flies breathe. You and I have both done commercial pest control before we’ve, been to restaurants, where the mops were horrible, they stunk and they were both insects. So it’s, a common thing, so that’s, going to take care of the floor and the mop everybody’s got drain flies.

We’re here. To help you give us a call. We have an 800 number. Thank you very much.