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Flying Ants or Termites? Termite Control Frequently Asked Questions


Termites are perhaps the most destructive force your home could encounter. If you do not take steps to protect your residents from the infestation, you can face hundreds to thousands of dollars worth of damage.

If you’re, not totally familiar with the termite here. Are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions one? How can I tell between an ant and a termite? Sometimes they look the same. Flying termites and ants may look similar, but they are anything but termites have broad waists, whereas ants are pinched and have discernible segmented bodies, the wings of termites before they lose them when they go underground, are of equal size and shape.

But the winged ants have different sizes and shapes of the wings. Once the flying termites lose their wings, their bodies can easily be seen less than a quarter of an inch in length with soft light-colored bodies.

Ants are typically colored and have three distinct body parts. How long do termites live and why do some have wings? A queen termite can live for several decades, while the worker termites can live up to two years.

The winged termites swarm and need to fly from their nest to the area where they plan to feed indefinitely. When they need to burrow in the soil to get their food source, they lose their wings for good and concentrate on building a colony.

They cannot tunnel in the ground, wood or create mud tunnels that extend from the ground into their food source with wings 3 termites. Actually consume wood, and can they go through concrete termites eat any cellulose based product which just happens to be the main ingredient wood.

The microbes that live within the termites bellies have the ability to digest cellulose, which can also be found in other wood products like paper and cardboard as for concrete termites cannot penetrate it.

However, it often appears that way because they can squeeze into the tightest places, often 132nd, to 1/64 of an inch for slab homes. Even the minutest cracks, especially around plumbing fixtures, are an invitation to squeeze in and find wood sources for food.

For what are the chances? I will get termites if the neighbors have them subterranean termites can burrow extensively underground. So if your neighbor had them and got treated, the termites could easily pick up stakes and re-establish themselves in your yard or others.

The best defense is a good offense. When you first move into your home, have it inspected and treated for termites and continue a maintenance plan Plus if your neighbor gets termites make sure your home and yard gets treated too, when they have nowhere to go, they & # 39.

Ll eventually die out. If you live in an apartment, you should look for pest and termite control companies that specialize in multiple dwelling buildings better yet bring the termite and pest problem to the attention of your management company.

They have to take care of problems like pests. That should be part of your lease. If you want a crash course on everything, a homeowner needs to know about termites visit the page for termite control methods for homeowners.

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