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Flea Control : How to Use Boric Acid to Kill Fleas

Hi friends, I’m Marco van here with ABC pest control in Largo Florida, and some people have asked me how about using boric acid for flea control with inside the home. Well, it’s. A wonderful idea. Boric acid will work very well for you.

The first thing we recommend is that you go ahead and you thoroughly vacuum your entire home, so that means vacuuming all your carpeted rugs, as well as the the carpet itself and washing any of the pet bed areas that you may have.

If you have a dog – and he has a little special bed area, you want to go ahead and make sure that is all washed. Then the boric acid. You can go ahead and take that out. Now it’s, not an acid. It’s, actually a powder, and what you do is you go ahead and you there’s, a special way to either treat it with a liquid bottle.

You can use a pump up, sprayer and spray it around the home and that once the water dries off, the boric acid is still there. Now, how does the pour Casson work? Well, as the flea comes in contact with the boric acid, it has very, very sharp edges and what happens is, as the fleet picks that up on its body, it walks and moves around and as it moves it rubs little holes in their bodies and it dries Them out so it’s, a good way to get rid of fleas inside the home.

It’s safe and natural for you to use as well. So these are different ways for you to go ahead and control fleas within the home. I’m Marco van with ABC pest control right here in Largo Florida helping you keep pest free,