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Flea Control : How to Kill Indoor Fleas

Hi friends, I’m Marco van here with ABC pest control in Largo Florida killing fleas inside the home. You know ken, for some people be a real daunting task, but I’m going to make it easy for you today. Killing fleas can be done with simple vacuuming of the rugs.

With a vacuum cleaner. You want to vacuum all the surfaces you want to wash down any tiled surfaces or ceramic surfaces that you have within the home. You go ahead and do that you want to remove your pets from the home and take them to a veterinarian, either have them dipped or maybe they would like to even recommend that you could use a material to put on the back of their neck.

There’s, a couple of products out there that you use once a month that will help to please keep them off the pets and keep your your home flea free as well. However, sometimes populations get out of hand and in those situations I have a couple of products here.

One is called Precor. This particular product is to be used in a 1 gallon pump up sprayer. They have little bottles here, and this is what we call a growth regulator. Now, growth regulators stop the fleas from actually developing from an egg.

So you don’t have to kill the adult flea. You just stop them from becoming an adult flea. Very very good product to use another product that we use in our company is Precor 2000 with Precor. Now this particular product, all you have to do is once you go ahead and vacuum the floors and treat the pet we had.

We asked that the homeowner actually leave the home and they will leave the home for about an hour or so and will come through and we’ll treat all the floors and all the areas, the pet bedding areas where the pet normally is that Inside the home, and we’ll, make sure that your air conditioning is off and once we treat it, you’ll, come back home an hour later, you open up your windows, you turn your air conditioning back on and then you don’t have any more fleas for the next 6 months.

It’s as easy as that I’m Marco van with ABC pest control in Largo Florida, helping you keep fleas out of your home.