Pest Control Tips

DIY Pest Control – How to Get Rid Of Ant, Fleas & Bed Bugs

Today I’m gonna bomb, my house, because we’ve, seen a lot of ants and we’ve. Seen some spiders, I’m using the hotshot no mess and I’m using the blue box. They have a green box. The difference is with the blue box.

You don’t, have to turn off any of the pilot. Everything else is the same open your cabinets cover food, close all your windows, don’t, put it in any cabinets or enclosed space. Don’t put two next to each other, let the head! Let it let the fogger stay in your house for at least two hours and then, when you get home open all the windows and doors turn the a/c on and let that run for they say two hours, the blue box and the green box are the exact Same with the exception of the green box, you have to turn off your pilot’s, since I don’t turn up in your pilot’s.

I’m using a blue bottle. Each can will treat up to two thousand cubic feet. I’m using three cans: that’s. How many come in this box? This box was nine dollars and some change, and this is what each can looks like.

No, can that’s it so the directions say, put it on a table or storm. So I put it on a chair or stool cover with newspaper or paper towel. I’m just using paper on a chair. There’s, the other one in my family room.

I have two downstairs one upstairs. Then, when I come back in, I wear a heavy duty, respirator heavy duty respirator I’ve done this about six. Seven times kills the bugs for months, and then you just have to do it again, so you form a respirator in the kitchen there’s, your brush on fire and alright.

Go ahead. Stop so you close all the windows, all the doors they’re, doing upstairs again, just on the noodle stain. So what you want to do is shake it up a little bit tilt it away from you push this down, lock it and then get away.

I hold my breath because I don’t want to breathe in any of this, so one upstairs. He’s doing downstairs, and this is the last one and I leave then I put note on my door just so. No one will accidentally come in a house on the garage door and on the front door, and it is 11:30.

I’m, going to let the bomb stay in the house for at least four hours and then I’ll come back and open windows or 29 at 4:30. It will be five hours. So now let’s. Learn enough about the going to house and open up all the windows and all the doors here’s, my respirator, and now I’m about to go open all the windows up and turn the arrow so Ligon leaving residue like it Said it would now that I’ve opened up all my windows.

In my doors, the rules say era before reoccupying, the area open all doors and windows turn on air, conditioner and fans in an aloud treated area to air out for two hours. So after two hours I will go back in the house and then we’re done for some weeks, maybe months or until we see more yes, goodbye,