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What’s up y & # 39? All I’m Alan Haines. The lawn care nut thanks for coming back for yet another week. So today I don’t really have an organized plan of tips. Here we’re gonna be doing one of those kind of just follow me along the whole day kind of videos.

Typically, when I do those you guys like them, and so I’ve got just a lot of little things that I’ve, been waiting to catch up on that I just haven’t got to, and I mean it’s the beginning of August. Here it’s a super hot month.

It’s, a really good excuse to be outside and catch up on a lot of things and test some new products and all kinds of other things. Like that, of course, I’ll, also be giving you an update on our 1801 spray, as well as updating you on some plans that we have coming for the Fall.

Just let me do this. I’m just gonna give you a quick list of everything that you can expect to see in the video today right now now there is one thing that I need to do before I get too crazy in this video, and that is, I Did a midweek mow this week I did a Wednesday weeknight mow.

I know that a lot of you guys enjoy doing the weeknight lawn work check out my Facebook group link in the description below and join there where everybody likes to post pictures of their weeknight lawn work.

So I went ahead and did cut this Wednesday, but a lot of you guys asked like Alan when you’re doing that midweek cut. Are you also edging, and the answer is no? Not typically, I’m, not usually edging or weed whacking, so I usually just edge or weed whack only on the weekend mow and then I just do a straight mow on the wins demo.

Interestingly enough, though we’ve had a lot of rain, but the lawn is growing super slow. If you remember the last thing I’ve done here is some micro green? Oh, oh, pretty heavy dose back at the very beginning of July, but other than that haven’t done anything here, so the lawn is not growing super fast.

So I’m, actually not going to have to mow today. Today’s Saturday, but I am gonna go ahead and edge in weed whack just to give her a nice cleanup – and this is nice because I’ve, always told you guys that my lawn actually looks the best like three days After a cut and that’s, where it’s at right now, so let me edge it all up and then show it off a little bit.

These little freaking guys are everywhere. We’re, going to talk about them in our video today, a few of you had noticed in the last video that I had a truck in the driveway and yes, I did go ahead and finally get myself a truck.

I’m, not gonna talk too much about it today or anything I mean I love the truck it’s, a Toyota Tundra. I actually know the dealer and everything we’re good friends. But honestly, if you’re gonna buy a Tundra and they didn’t sponsor this and they didn’t ask for this.

They did give me an incredible experience. I bought the car. I bought the truck a hundred percent online over email and they delivered it on late on Friday night for me no extra charge anyway. This thing again, they didn’t sponsor.

I bought this, but if you are gonna buy a Toyota Tundra and you’re me, you’re, the lawncare, not there’s, only one place to buy it and that place is now. The reason that is is because Beaver Toyota, you want to know where it’s located st.

Augustine Florida gotcha, I will say I am gonna miss my Hyundai. I had planned to keep that car forever, but just the way things are going with the channel here, you’re gonna hear a lot more. There’s, gonna be an announcement made in this video here, but you’re gonna hear a lot more in the coming weeks.

I need to have a truck in order to keep the channel going at least that’s. The excuse I gave my wife is. I need a new truck to keep the channel going where I want it to go, so you guys use whatever excuse.

You need to use to get a new truck. I use the fact that I need the lawn care nut channel to keep going me. You got to do what works for you right: .

All right next thing I have on tap, then, is some perimeter pest control and ease you guys know. I was want to calculate some math for you. I’m, going to show you some products, so this product that I’ve got here that we’re using today is labeled for millipedes, both indoor and outdoor.

I’m, not spraying indoor, but I am in a spray outdoor. I’m, going to do a complete perimeter pest. I’m, just gonna kind of show you how to do it. I’m gonna show you how much it’s gonna cost. How we’re gonna spray it what I’m gonna spray it with how to measure out your square footage to know.

If you have enough product on hand and then just teach you how to calculate out the numbers that way, if you want to use a similar product or another product, that you can find a home depot, which you can find products very similar to this, you can Calculate out their numbers and see how they compare to this, but this is what you would consider a professional product.

Doesn’t mean you can’t get this over the counter. I’m gonna give you the actives to do the math for yourself, but I just wanted to show you. This is the product that I’m using doing a little perimeter pest control.

So I’m using this temperate FX and the active ingredients in here are Amida corporate and safe lutheran. You definitely have heard me mention these before, but before we go into crazy. Let me tell you why I’m doing this number.

One is I like to do perimeter pest control two to three times a year. You know just to keep out the ants, fleas and ticks and whatever else can get in the house, I don’t know, but mainly I’m really kind of concerned about ants that’s me and then roaches here.

In Florida and other things like that, but lately I’ve, actually had a massive invasion of Sinope EADS. I mean like it’s, been raining a lot and it’s, chasing them out of the lawn, and they’re everywhere, and I don’t know a lot about centipedes.

They don’t. Actually bother me: they’re, not a dirty bug or anything like that. I’m there’s, a ton of them in my lawn. So I don’t know if that is good or bad, they can’t be bad for it. They’re, not harming it.

That’s. Why they don’t bother me, but the problem is they’re coming into the house, so just check out this video, so here’s, a perfect example of what’s happening. I think these guys, you know they’re coming out of the grass back there and they’re just doing their migration and they’re hitting the house, and so they just keep like heading that way because they’re just relentless and they end up in the house, checks out.

You know the thing: is it’s? Not like I hate these guys. They’re, not dirty bugs or anything. I actually think they’re kind of cute, but you know still you don’t you don’t want them in your house, my wife.

Definitely doesn’t want them in the house. So so, here’s, our perimeter pest control. I have 2,500 square feet in which to treat – and I’m, going to show you what that means and how I measured it and figured it out.

It’s, a little bit more complicated than just the numbers. You see there and then, of course, like I said we’re gonna be using tempered FX, which is a medical, Oprah and slight Lutheran. Now, okay, so the first thing that we’re gonna look at is it comes in two different sizes.

This is a single-use pack right here and basically you dump this into one gallon of water and it & # 39. Ll treat 1,000 square feet. So, if you had like a small outbreak, you get like a one, gallon cheap sprayer like that, and he just had a small area to spray or something like that.

This might be for you, and you can see here it’s, an eight milliliter, so to calculate the single-use rate. Then it’s, a it’s, an eight milliliter again, and that goes into one gallon of water. I think this is yeah.

It’s a liquid in there, and that goes into one gallon of water single-use and the cost is six dollars and ninety eight cents to buy that. So that means it’s, six dollars 98 cents per thousand, that’s, actually pretty expensive, especially when you see how much cheaper it is when you invest in the larger you know tipping for here.

However, if you’re, somebody that only needs a little bit and you need to convene two that you don’t want to store it, because that can be a challenge for some people. Just don’t want to store and sexercise and stuff, then that you can pay a little bit more and you can get the convenience of the single-use.

So. But this is what I’m using here and just wait to see how far this will go. This is a two hundred and forty milliliter tip and pour here so there it is right there and remember. Our application rate is still eight milliliters.

So this is the label off of that and of course I read this, but you can see it right here. Dilution rate is well. I don’t know if it’s gonna be able to focus on there. But again I’m reading the label here and you can see it is eight milliliters per gallon.

That is the rate was one, but there is a higher rate that you can do, but we’re just doing the low rate. I don’t need to go too crazy here. So when we go through our math, we can see again our application rate, eight milliliters per thousand.

This is a two hundred and forty milliliter tip, and for that you get here, and so, if you take 240 divided by eight, that means you’ll, get 30 applications at each cover 1,000 square feet. So that means this bottle then covers 30,000 square feet at at eight ounce rate.

Obviously he took the rate up to the double rate which you could do. Then it will only cover 15,000, but I recommend you stay with the lower and then, if you factor in your cost, it cost $ 69 for this right here.

The link in the description below and so 69 divided by 30 is two dollars and thirty cents per thousand, and so, as I told you, I’ve got 2,500 square feet. So what is that 236 SiC 465? I don’t, know like just under 6 bucks or something like that, so it’s.

Gon na cost me right around 6 dollars for my application. Alright, then – and the next thing you’re gonna ask – is well Allen. How do you know that you have 2,500 square feet, and the answer is that I measured so dollar.

We’d 70 feet remember to get square footage. You just do length times width, so in this case we have to look at the areas that we’re gonna spray and then measure it out. So the first thing you need to do, though, is to squid and get your length.

So all sides of your house, my house, happens to be 70 linear feet all the way around on each one. So I’ve got 7 times 4 280 linear feet, and then your application technique and how you’re gonna spray and what you’re gonna spray is what’s gonna dictate the rest Of your square footage now actually, but we’re gonna spray up, you know 3 feet up and 3 feet out, basically is kind of the rule, so you can just do a measurement that way, then, because we just got the length and then That means the width is 6 right, 3 feet up and 3 feet out.

That’s 6. Now we’re gonna do around the windowsills and we’re. Also gonna do the eaves. So if you look here, you know those we’re gonna. Do you know good spray? They’re out that’s. Another 2 feet that way, so we got to kind of think about all of those areas.

So if we’re gonna do one foot down there and 2 feet out there, that’s 3 feet by the length and then down here we’re gonna do 3 feet up and 3 feet out. That’s 6 feet by the length windows are free, we won’t count those, but we are gonna do all around the windows, but we won’t.

Try to put that in the square footage we’ll, just kind of see how we end up. Now I’m, also gonna be spraying a portion of the lawn. I also said that around windows and doors is free, so we’re, just gonna make sure that I have enough mixed up for the 2500 plus some and then we’ll, go from there.

What I don’t want to do is end up with extra, but if I do because this is also an interior product, I can use this all inside of my garage, I’ll use it inside of my alumni. I may also use it in the bathrooms like underneath the cabinets and things like that.

But again I don’t really want to have too much left and I’m really looking for this to be an outside control. You could also use this for mosquitoes and spray it on the lawn same thing. Do a really good job for that, but that’s, not the purpose of my application today, even though a I’m gonna spray, a small area in the back of small spot around the pool of grass, that’S because that’s, an area where we tend to like to walk, and so I want all the pests out of there alright.

So I just want to put a bow here on the on the end here with this square footage. So I know I was a little bit crazy with that, so 2,500 square feet. How did I get that? Well, remember. You got basically two areas that you’re gonna spray.

On each side, you’re gonna spray, the lower part, which is three feet up and three feet out, and you’re gonna spray up top, which is about two feet by one foot. So the way that I did, that, then, is I calculated its.

I’m 70 feet long. All the way down – and then here I’ve – got a two foot by one foot at the top of the wall and then here’s, the bottom of the wall, which is a three foot by three foot right. So the way I look at that, then is three times: seventy is 210, so the top on each side is 210 square feet and then down here I did six times 70, which is 420 square feet.

So that means that each side of the house is 630 square feet. When I take 630 times 4, I basically to make my math easy. I come up with 2500 square feet, so you want to shake this up real good. I got 2,500 square feet to do plus 500 square feet of lawn in the back plus around the edges.

So I’m gonna make up three gallons right. 2.5 gallons should cover all of my perimeter, including up and down, and then the extra 500 square feet that’ll, be for around windows and doors and then maybe a little bit out the lawn.

So actually, I probably should make 3 and 1/2 gallons here, but we’re, just gonna do 3 gallons and see how far we get with it. So with that, then I’m gonna need. I got an 8 milliliter fill. I’m gonna need 24 mil in order to do a 3 gallon fill.

So I’m gonna do a 16 and an 8 you & # 39. Ll, also see that I’ve got about a gallon of water already in here last thing I did switch to this. I’m, not sure what tip this is or what they call it.

It’s, the breast tip, but this is the one that just comes on. Every single sprayer we don’t need a fan tip for this. We really need to be able to target this in the best way possible, depending if it’s up or down above our head below.

So I use this just general brass tip that’s, the one that I put on here: all right now I don’t have any kind of like patented technique. Here I’m. Just going to show you how I do it, my idea here again is to get a good, even coating, with this not put on too much just till the walls, glisten wet and then from there and then from there.

I just don’t want to make a mess and get all over myself: Applause, all right now before we go getting too crazy with other Stuff here they’re, just finishing up going over there, but anyway, before we all get into crazy than the stuff.

Here I did want to announce that Jake, the lawn kid and I have secured a project lawn for 2019, but the good news is it’s actually gonna start this year in 2018, Jake the lawn kid, and I have a rehab that we Found that’s, actually not a rehab.

It’s, actually a lawn that was just newly planted, but hasn’t really grown in very well. It was seeded it’s, an area that was just wild for a long time, and now there’s, a house there so either way it’s.

Gon na make a great project mom. When I started here in the fall – and he and I are gonna kind of go back and forth on it, a tag team and he’s, gonna shoot videos. From his personal point of view, and I’m gonna shoot mine from my point of view, while we work together, so it’s.

Gon na be a really interesting way to kind of do a YouTube collaboration, but also to give us a project lawn to work on together for more than a full year. If you haven’t seen Jake the lawn kids channel, I’m gonna link that, in the description below again make sure you subscribe there, because what we’re gonna be doing.

Is we’re gonna be sharing our footage? We’re, both gonna, be taking footage our own way and do our own thing, but we’re gonna share all the footage and we’re gonna edit, from the footage. The reason I say that is because what do I always tell you guys? Repetition is the key to learning, and in this case you’re gonna get two points of view on the same exact lawn, and I think that’ll.

Really help with the learning, and it also will help my buddy Jake’s channel to grow, which of course, is something I want to happen as well all right. So let’s, go over here and check out the results now.

This is the results from our 1801 app now keep in mind the lawn behind me right here. This was treated with oo2 micro, green on the very first of July, and you can see the color still looks really really good here.

So as we pan around this way, this is where you & # 39. Re gonna see the 1801. This is six days after it’s been sprayed. Here, you go do-do-do-do-do there. It is so I’m, actually not seeing a ton of difference.

I you can see the line where I kind of sprayed right through there and you can see a little bit of a difference and you can also see now keep in mind. I’m mode here Wednesday, when I take you around to show you the back.

Remember the back. Hasn’t been mowed. The back is also not been fertilized in months and months and months, but this was mowed just this Wednesday. Just a few days ago, the back lawn has not been mowed at all.

It’s been growing for over a week, so you’re gonna see a little bit more dramatic in the back. Just because I didn’t mow it off. This was actually growing through Wednesday. Then I cut it and now it’s, regrown just a couple of days worth, but still I like the color.

I think it’s. Looking really good, I mean you can see, I don’t know we’re, both uncut at this point, so you know definitely a little bit of domination there, but once he cuts, then I’ll be winning, but we’ll, see when that is, but again you can see right down through there, where I sprayed and it’s, definitely a little bit darker over there.

If I come back over here from this angle, you can kind of see where the line is right through there so either way I mean the results are not super dramatic vacuuming. The lawn is green. Look at it looks great, so we’ll have to just see, and again that was a low dose 16 ounces per thousand.

We will do a lot more. I’m, also, probably not that good with that hose and sprayer yet, and I’m gonna test some different ones, but worth though one I don’t know it just doesn’t agree with me. Super well so I don’t want a dog, and I’m.

Just gonna try some other stuff, but either I mean the color is great. But let me take you in the back and show you where the real results are or what the real dramatic look is because that had no fur at all.

So I’m, pretty sure back here. You can definitely see the difference. You can see the line right there over my head, so darker lighter you know again. I don’t, do any kind of color correction or anything.

The camera’s. Gon na do what its gonna do. So I’m gonna go ahead now and I’ll Pan you across it, you’ll, be able to see the difference, so you can see it’s interesting because out in there is not as Dark up in here is, and I’ve told you all I have must have different soil or whatever this soil here, just really seems to I don’t know.

It just seems to react better than what’s out there, but for sure you can see the difference when I pan across it also looks like I must have over sprayed like right. There see how it’s greener right there, but you can definitely tell a difference, see and you can really see it from here so that’s, all treated right there and that’s untreated up over there.

It is pretty interesting the see, though again the soil composition is different right here, so it just responds differently, but what’s? What’s really interesting me is this is a high point and that’s, a low point.

So you would think the fertilizer would run down there, but for some reason it doesn’t, so that’s. Just something you have to remember about your site is next time that I spray I’m gonna go a little lighter up here on top of the hill, even though that’s counterintuitive typically, I would tell you to go a Little heavier you’re on a hill and let everything else rush down, but definitely I need to go lighter on top of the hill heavier down in there, but either way there.

You can really see the difference, so I mean obviously the fertilizer works. 1801, we’re, going to do a lot more experiments with it, and I mentioned that I’m, going to be doing the project along with Jake.

We’re gonna be using the next products or the Green County. Vert starter fer is well some 1801, some RGS we’re gonna be doing some seating with it. We’re gonna. Do some aerate and test it with C I’m gonna.

Do all those things me and Jake? The lawn kit already had major plans. As you see, he’s already done quite a bit of footage. We are mapping everything out and we are ready to go here, starting in the early fall .

I’m about to become the uncut man watching. This is rare that you see how to become like. This is, like literally me becoming the uncut man. You could really see the domination from here, though. Here we go.

Oh yeah dude over there probably wondering why I’m filming. I mean looking at me like oh gosh, alright y’all what’s up. So today is Sunday. Now I’ve, just finished editing everything you’ve. Seen before this, and I figure I’m gonna give a final update, especially since becoming the uncut man.

I want to go ahead and just take advantage of that right now and give you just one more update on the 1801 aside, so it it just seems to look better and better by the day, and I have a different camera now too.

Just to give you an idea of how different exposures work, this is my old Sony camera that I always used to use, so it tends to expose the lawn better. So again, I don’t, do color correction or anything, but this will just give you an idea if you wanted to see it from this angle and who knows, I’m just looking for positives but check this out bro, you cannot Do not indefinitely now you can see in through there.

So now let’s. Just go! Look at the back real quick same things to take a look, just kind of show you where we’re sitting, and then you can judge for yourself and as far as the stuff that I’m potting. I am going to be doing some tests with a company called Hydra tain, so that’s.

What all that is back there! I’m gonna actually film that today, but that’ll, be a video that will come out another time. I think it’ll, be a standalone video to just be involved with some other stuff, but anyway, so that’s.

What that all is I’m, not gonna get to that today. So with that, I’m gonna go ahead and sign off here finish the Edit on this and then get out here and finish my work for the day. So I’m, adding the lawn care nut thanks for watching and I’ll, see you in the lawn