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Can I do pest control myself?

Okay, so when I do my own pest spraying around the house, there are two vital things that I use, and this is the first one. Now you can get these at any good hardware stores all good supermarkets. Now this particular one she says ant kill.

To be honest, that makes no difference whatsoever. You can get one that says: cockroach cure or or cure or insect cure. They all have the same ingredients, so it really makes no difference whatsoever.

So what this is it &? # 39 s like a thick gel spray that you can spray around the house. It’s like a heavy-duty surface spray. Now this particular bottle cost about 15 dollars and it’s enough to do around the whole house.

So it’s. A big bottle like this, with a spray attachment. So I’m going to start by doing a light spray just to run the windowsills and for all those cockroaches. Everything else would go into it. Make sure you get around to the bottom and just underneath now make sure you pay particular attention to any place where you’ll find spider webs, so you just simply spray directly onto the spider web, just like that, and that’ll.

Take care of any spiders that you have in that particular area, so just continue spraying it on all those spider webs around all the window, sills and also around any door frames, basically any hiding spots, any dark spots and any entry points to the house that bugs May get into and the second part of my pest elimination I use these, what we call cockroach bombs.

Basically, you push down the lid and it doesn’t stop until the can is completely empty. Now people use these inside the house. They put them into a sealed room, turn them on and walk away for a couple of hours.

I’ve, never had a need for that. The best place to use these are under the house and in a garden shed or garage, but especially under the house, because that’s. The moist area, where the cockroaches tend to breed as well as spiders.

So do this about every 6 months. And I’ve, never once seen a cockroach in my house since doing this procedure. So we have to do is just push it in not going to stop and close it up, and that’s. All you have to do, and now let’s, just spray away for probably another yeah two to three minutes, but it & # 39.

Ll create a mist that I’ll, go through the entire under part of your house, and then it will settle and it’s, going to kill all the cockroaches spiders. Any insects that you have under your house or in your shed and those bombs cost me, I think, about ten dollars for three cans, so you can put two under the house and one in the shed so for 25 dollars.

I’ve saved myself about two to three hundred dollars, so from apart from the occasional spider, I really never see spiders at all, and I definitely do not see cockroaches, so that is the most cost-effective and effective way to fumigate your own home.

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