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Alright, coming up here, he’s. Gon na come up here with this little rap little claws up here, and it gets right up and inside hi Scott, representing cascade pest control. Here I met this residents to explore it for a rodent infestation and what might be done to control it now what I’m talking about a rodent infestation, I’m, also talking about mice, the difference being that a mouse is gon Na be able to get through a small hole.

Well, a rat means a little bit larger hole, so the larger the hole and your residence, the chances that you might have both. So we’re gonna go through a three-step process of this residence to make sure that this is taken care of now more on that three-step process later right now, I’d, like to show you a few interesting things hi there.

I’ve, been on top of underneath and all around the house behind me, and I found some evidence of rodents and I’d like to show you what I found, because this is a great example of what a technician is.

Gon na find when they come down to do an inspection now anyhow, here it’s. Gon na have a house with a lot of angles and different planes to the roof wherever those join. Those are suspect areas and we’re, going to check out every single one of these on this house to make sure they’re all in a good order and Clark not about access, but also gonna check out a few other Things, but we’re gonna, do that one first always got ta, be real careful when you have a hopperoo now here’s, where one angle and another angle actually come together.

Now we’ll check over there and Grouse are going to check right down in here, because I know I found something no looks like TV smarts there now that whole still needs to be sealed up, because rats could use it at any time.

In the future, if it & # 39, s left open, no sense showing you all of them. So let’s head on down and we’ll. Take a look at some other areas. Now there’s, a ladder that I’m climbing up. If there’s other kinds, the ladders rats we’ll, be looking for tree branches, would leaned up against the house.

Any number of things can be a ladder for a rat and before we get over to show you a couple of other ladders, I’d, like to point out something about food. We’ve got dog food fish dish right here and we & # 39.

Ve got a barbecue now barbeque is gonna happen like that. It’s, a savory flavors in it, hopefully from lots of good barbecues and they have a grease trap and that grease traps gonna attract any kind of nose.

It’s, gonna be looking for some good stuff. The dog food bowl now, if the dog is gonna, eat right away, that’s, one thing: if they leave food, that’s quite another. As I look down here, I see actually some some droppings, so rats been here, oh and check underneath here I found a couple of traps – big ones and if you had looked close, you would have seen some droppings, but we don’t really care Too much about what’s gonna be in the barbecue, because it’s, not really that much there, but things like garbage cans.

We’re, not leave your garbage. Can, with a little lid open like that, cuz that allows free access and check around got lots of jets around here, sometimes check to see. If there’s any nibbling on your kin, you’ll, see teeth marks.

These are the ladders that will allow a rat to go up and check out what’s up there see if there’s, any vulnerabilities and things like apple trees, right good fruit for humans, also good fruit for rats and they’re allowed to excuse me, I’m not allowed to they’re able to jump from branches up there onto the roof and then gain access to the upper reaches of the house at will.

This is the access to the underside of the house. We’re gonna go under here in a minute, but I thought I’d. Show you a little something this is definition of not secure. This entrance is not going to be secure from rodents or people or anything at all.

In fact, this rock right here, if you remove that it opens up a hole right here with smudge marks on it. So occasionally, this rock probably does not do the job holding up this edge of the breath out of the wood.

Keep that to the side I’m gonna suit up. We’re gonna go in there and see what we can find. I can see some droppings right here. We’ve got smudge marks so likely I’m gonna find some rat activity. We’ll check the insulation and just take a you, can find hey there.

They’re. The reason why I have to wear this when I’m under here, but for right now I’m gonna take it off. So I can talk to you and you can hear me without all that respirator sound. No, there’s, a reason why they call these crawl spaces and that’s.

Cuz there’s, not really a whole lot of room under here usually hand is not usually this good of lighting. I brought my own, so I can show you what I’m, going to show you, but we’re gonna look up here in this insulation right over here.

My left and you’re gonna be able to see a hole that a rat has made in the insulation so that you can just move around now. Above me, it looks like just great perfect insulation, but above that and below the floorboards of the house, there could be a whole highway for rats and you’d, never even know so it’s.

A good idea to have somebody come down here and take a look every once in a while to see what activity might be going on. So let’s. Let’s. Show you what what I see here that hole in the center that I’m zooming in on that is a rat hole that’s created by them wiggling their way into the insulation and is a sure sign that there’s been activity here, so we need to do some serious exclusion here and make sure that they’re out of here now when a technician is looking for a road and he might also find some other issues – termites spiders, this one’s dead likely eaten by a that guy right back in there.

Another reason why you might not want to come down here yourself. Alright, we’re gonna get out of this crawl space and go up into the attic which is kind of similar, but a little different. When we’re.

Looking at insulation there, we’re gonna be looking at the top of the insulation at the bottom of the insulation and that’s, where the rats are gonna run around. So if there’s, a rodent Highway happening, we’ll, actually be able to see it.

We’re gonna gain access to the Attic through the garage I’ve got a ladder set up here. We’re gonna go up and take a look at some of this blown-in insulation. All of this stuff here is really light and get up just a little bit higher.

You can see they have compressed this down. This is part of the run and you can see droppings the insulation where it’s compacted down it’s. Gon na have less of an r-value, so a large infestation of rats can actually tamp down a lot of this insulation and therefore cost you money.

An insulation value energy waste. It’s really hard to see, but there’s. That’s, light coming in from where we looked at a hole or two planes on the roof net. If you recall this, is it from the inside excess to your attic? Well, it’s like free rein to your house, all right.

Let’s, get down and check out some birds. Okay, we talked about food on a couple of different occasions. We talked about pet food, we talked about fruit and we talked about the smell of good food from the barbecue, but we didn’t talk about bird seed.

Now bird seed is common in most houses and the fact that you have it maybe hanging from a tree or something doesn’t mean that it’s, not gonna be good food for rats, they can climb trees and they can Get in there – and you know a lot of times – birds make a mess of the bird seat on the ground, and that gives it a perfect opportunity to be eaten by rats.

Take a look at this now, a rat might not have an easy time getting on. Here and getting underneath there without falling off, I would actually like to see that, but oh there’s, places where a rat could actually maybe jump on to this and feast, but definitely underneath there’s.

Gon na be a lot on the ground, while I walked around and did an inspection of the foundational wall, I found a burrow now burrows and entrances to nests can happen around the foundational wall, and if there’s a penetration nearby, they might be Getting accessed through that this foundational wall, a lot of it, is actually concealed by the foliage and the great big leaves that you see here and you thinking well.

I might have no problem in my house, but you know what rats can travel a great deal of distance in any particular day. They can be traveling over a hundred and fifty feet that way and that way that’s like well.

That’s like a 100 yards 300 feet in any direction. They could be traveling looking for food and having that be their routine, not just something that they do occasionally. So if there are rats around like in your neighbor’s house, they may be your problem as well.

It’s, been a pleasure. Taking you on a journey in and around a house that has rodents. We’ve learned how pervasive they are and how tenacious they can be. We’ve also learned that, even if you eliminate the nest in your property, you’re, not necessarily safe.

You see the nest that you’ve eliminated was defending its territory, which was your home and without them defending it from other rodents. Those rodents will find a way into your home without the proper, exclusionary work done.

So what you really need is professional help from start to finish. Cascades, rodent control is a three-step process step. One is the initial service that includes an inspection trap setting and an estimate on any needed exclusion, work step two that’s; to perform the exclusion work in step; three, that’s; cascade Pest Control’s; ongoing protection service In which you & # 39, ll, see your cascade technician every two months.

They’ll reinsert. They’ll, set check and replenish the exterior bait stations, and all of this is designed to create and maintain a perimeter defense to protect you in your home. Cascades, rodent protection service carries a retreatment warranty and should rodents ever make a new assault on your home.

You’ll appreciate Cascades response extra visits free of charge to protect your home in health, call cascade pest control at one eight, eight, eight, nine, eight. Nine eight nine seven nine that’s; one eight, eight, eight, nine, eight, nine, eight, nine, seven, nine