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Hey everybody: this is Joe Jackson. You searched grubs or insects in the lawn. I did a video about a year ago about mosquitoes. So if you’re, looking for a good mosquito spray check it out in this channel, you & # 39.

Ll see that video come up and it’ll help you control a mosquito issue for about six weeks. So anyway, I was out here my garage building, something and good friend of mine called me up. I was in lawncare business for about ten years and I was you know, able to use a lot of different products for a lot of different things, and I was able to find out what really works.

What’s, a waste of money? You know so on and so on, because I I had to attempt to keep trying and trying and trying to find good products for my customer. So today’s. Video is about insects in your yard.

A buddy of mine called me up and said: hey I had a grub problem. What can I do about it? So this video is about the name of the company inspector side and I’ll. Give you a better picture of that bag. This bag kills a hundred plus types of lawn, damaging insects from antiques to grubs to clinks bugs I mean all kind of bugs that’s.

One bug this one bag covers about 25,000 square feet, so you & # 39. Ll have to do that. The math to find out how many bags you need you just use a spreader and spread it across your yard. It’s, a season-long product, meaning that it’ll last.

You know the whole summer for you during the growing season of the lawn generally, I’ve seen it lasts just about that time frame, so I would say that they’re right on with that. With that that statement also says it’s, the top money-back guarantee I’m, not sure how that works.

But I guess, if you have an issue, you can get your money back. I’m, not sure on that, but also it kills on contact. So if you’re having a lot of problems with these, bugs I mean it kills them immediately in the name of the product is try as a side.

Insect killer for lungs is granules, so I want to get a good picture of this. For you, hopefully it’s kind of hard to make sure you can read it all, but that’s, the name of it. It’s made by Specter side.

It covers 25,000 square feet and most time those bags this size bags only cover about 10,000. So just you know it’s well worth the money, and I can’t. Remember it’s only like I don’t. Remember I don’t want to tell you a story, but it, I think, is anywhere from 10 to 15 bucks for the bag very reasonable about this at Home Depot.

So if you have a home depot or some kind of supply store around you garden supply or home supply, they should have it it’s a great product, so anyway hope you found some value from this. I got plenty other videos on different things.

From home, insect control to mosquito control to this y & # 39, all lon, if you have any questions, please comment down here and below please subscribe. I & # 39. Ve always got a lot of content coming to this channel and if I can do anything for you just let me know please like and subscribe.

I’ll, see you on the next video have a great day. Thank you.