Pest Control Tips



Everybody this is Joe Jackson. I wanted to shoot a quick video. You searched how to keep your home free of insects or you searched how to kill insects in your home. So I want to do a little testimony about a product that I & # 39.

Ve been using and by the way they & # 39, ll, be on the Indians description here there will be a one that I did a review on cutter. It was a product that I did a review back several months ago, that’s, unbelievable on mosquitoes and insects in your yard.

So today & # 39. S will be about it’s called ortho home defense insect killer and it is an amazing product. I’m, not sure on other states, but anybody that has Home Depot they sell it. I’m sure the Lowe & # 39.

S probably do, but I’m, not sure on the other places. So if you’re, leaving a state that don’t have a home depot in it or you have just like a local, you know supply store, you can check within, but anyway it’s called home defense and it’s made by ortho and it’s, got a red label and it & # 39.

S actually got on the cool about it. Is it’s, got a sprayer that’s operated by battery and it actually holds the sprayer folds for easy. You know storage and you just press the button and it sprays now just read instructions, but because I’m, not going to tell you what to do and what not to do.

But I spray it throughout my house every so often my whole garage floor. I spray about every two months. Three months. I just cover my floor with the light spray of it, and you know my door, jams and stuff like that inside my basement and things I’ll do around the baseboards and the product is amazing.

If there’s, a bug that gets in you’re, going to see it laying in the floor gone, it kills them immediately. So I use it also spray, the outside of my house, the base of my house, especially with vinyl siding.

I have a vinyl siding house, you know insects are climb and go up under the vinyl. The next thing you know they’re getting into your house, so I spray the bass under there. So if anything starts does climb up the ribs you & # 39, ll, kill them so anyway.

I wanted to shoot this quick video with testimony about ortho, home defense, very good product hope this helps and by the way, if you’re. Looking for more information about insects in your yard check out my new other video that’s down here the description, I hope you have a great day and we’ll, see you soon.

Thank you.