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Best Do It Yourself Home Pest Control

Best Do It Yourself Home Pest Control

Hey everybody Josh Erdman Early’s. Pest control here, if you tuned in to see me, let go of some kind of animal or have something jump out at me. You picked the wrong video. Today we’re, going to answer some questions and the number one question I get from homeowners is: what is the best product that they can buy to use themselves? They also want to know you know.

Why is our service different? So I’m, going to explain it to you real, quick as simple as I can. The best product that you guys can purchase out there, in my opinion, is called ortho home defense. If you look here, I picked up a gallon yesterday.

You can get it in a home, repair store hardware store, they sell it. It’s about 15 dollars a gallon now. One thing a couple things I want to mention is: if you look right here, it says 12-month control.

They don’t make any chemicals that we can buy as licensed contractors that lasts twelve months, so that’s, really just some false advertising. To be honest with you, doesn’t hold up. Well, I’m. Not not going to product that I recommend this product to a lot of customers, in my opinion, is the best one out there.

However, it really only has a life of about thirty days and that’s on a vertical surface, so you need to spray basically the wall of the building, if you spray it on the ground or in the mulch beds, what’s? Going to happen is the rains going to hit it and wash it out for one it basically dilutes it and to the sunlight.

It’s, going to burn it out if it’s in direct Sun, so it’ll. Probably last a lot less, I mean we’re talking a couple days, some other stuff. They don’t, tell you unless you read the real fine print or the instructions which probably nobody does, is this chemical will break down very rapidly under 55 degrees.

So why is that important? Well, if you’re like me, and you live in Wisconsin and I’m, hoping everyone that’s watching this is probably from Wisconsin, because it doesn’t. Do me any good if you live in Bangladesh, but if you go ahead and install this stuff early in the spring, you want to get it down before the insects get on there.

We all know if you’re from Wisconsin. It’s, 75 80 degrees during the day in the sunlight and it’s 25 degrees. At night we have some of the craziest weather strings up here, which I personally enjoy myself.

That’s. Probably why a lot of us live here, however, if you put it on early and it gets cold under 55 degrees, it breaks down very very quickly. I’m talking overnight one two days: chemicals done. We’re, going to talk about the applica Asian method of this.

You read the instructions which are on the back of this thing. They peel off here there’s. A bunch of instructions in there is to how they want it applied stuff to do in case of an emergency stuff like that.

Basically, what it tells you to do is you’re, going to spray about two feet up and about two feet out now, and what that is going to do is create a barrier so anything out here crawling around and and what looks like my Woods I will not be able to get onto the onto the building or up high under the building inside the building, which is what you’re, trying to altum Utley, you know, keep from happening.

We’re, going to wrap up this segment on ortho home defense, and you know what’s different from you guys doing it. You do it yourselfers versus us the big difference with the way we do it. We’re. Always going to spray when the temperature is consistent in the spring, we wait, even if it’s an extra week.

We take the time to wait. I’m, not going to spray a house and have you guys have bad results. So we’ll, wait till the temperature is correct to spray it first of all. Secondly, when we apply instead of following ortho sting or their two feet up and two feet out, what we do is we spray the entire house so everything down in the bottom here all the way up.

We don’t spray on the windows and we catch all your soffit, so everything underneath there is dead. Obviously, if you spray – and you spray the the base, the two feet up and two feet out – you’re, going to still continue to get this stuff and it’ll.

Just never go away. It’ll. Just slowly get worse and worse until your power wash it off and you know, have us come out and do it so now that’s, one of the big differences, if you’ve got questions concerns please feel free to give us A call nine to zero four five: five zero.

Three seven three check us out online WWE Rd y es comm thanks, have a great day.